Top Load vs Front Load Washing Machine: Which One to Get?

In this article, we are going to look into the comparison between the top load vs front load washing machines. Choosing a new washing machine is already quite a challenge. The last thing you need is to spend hours debating which one is better – top load vs front load washing machine? That’s why we are going to cover the detailed comparison between them of their features, capacities, overall washing efficiency and lot more.

Top load and front load machines differ primarily in structure and the way they operate. As the name suggests, top load machines have an opening on the top where you’re supposed to load the clothing. Front load machines, on the other hand, have a load opening in the front and they often have a higher capacity as well. Once we look into the details, you will notice that there are many small differences between these two machines. However, at the end of the day, both types of machines get the same job done – they wash clothes.

Therefore, your decision is going to depend on your preferred way of using a machine. Top load machines use a lot more water and require a stronger detergent to wash clothes efficiently. Front load machines, on the other hand, use less water and thus require milder detergents that don’t create too much foam and It is really important to get the right detergent for your machine. Otherwise, you may end up with unwashed clothes or lots of detergent residue. With that said, let’s dive into the comparison between top load vs front load machines!

Top load vs Front load washing machine
Top load vs Front load Washing Machine

Which is best? – Top Load vs Front Load Washing Machines

Now that you’ve had a brief look at the main differences in the comparison table let’s dive into a more detailed overview of each feature.


If you’re looking at the new purchase from a price point of view, keep in mind that front load machines are more expensive. The reason is they tend to be generally more efficient with energy and water compared to top load machines. Front load ones also provide a more thorough cleaning with a wider variety of wash features, hence the higher price.

If you’re looking for a more affordable one, opt for top load washing machine. However, keep in mind that front loaders are more efficient and well worth the money.

Ease of use

When it comes to using the machine, top loaders are much easier to handle because you can fill the machine while comfortably standing up. Front loaders, on the other hand, require you to bend down to load the machine and take the clothes out, which might be difficult for some people especially for the ones who have back pain.

If you are looking for a machine that is easier to use, a top load machine could be a more convenient solution.

Water consumption

Top loading machines use a lot more water compared to front loading ones. That is because they operate differently. On the other hand, they are far more water efficient. The water consumption also plays an important role when choosing the right detergent, since top loading machines will require a stronger detergent to wash the clothes efficiently.

Overall, front loading water machines are more efficient when it comes to saving water. If you want to cut down your water consumption bill, consider investing in a front loader instead of a top loading machine.

Cleaning of Clothes

It is generally believed that front loading machines wash the clothes more efficiently compared to top loaders. While both types of machines will get the job done very well, front loaders are more efficient at removing tough and stubborn stains. The reason is that they move the clothes inside the detergent solution efficiently, whereas top loaders let the clothes soak and does the work rotations with washing movements.

While both types of machines will clean your clothes, front loaders are considered the better option if you’re looking for higher efficiency and better stain removal.

Drum capacity

The drum or basket capacity of a washing machine refers to the amount of clothing you can fit into the machine for one cycle. If we compare the two types of machines based on load capacity, front loaders usually comes with a greater drum capacities. however the Top load machines too have a larger drum capacity ones.

Front loading machines often have higher load capacity, which makes them more efficient at washing more clothes at once. However, the precise load capacity depends on the specific machine model and the manufacturer, which means you can also find larger top load machines with more capacity if you choose to do so. Also keep in mind that larger drum capacity also impacts the unit price.

Quickness/ Cycle duration

The cycle duration depends on the settings you choose on the washing machine. Different types of clothing require different cycle duration, depending on material and color. However, keep in mind that front loading machines often have more cycle duration features and wash programs, which makes them more efficient.

With more features in your hand, you can choose between different speeds and cycle periods. Front loading machines allow you to customize the washing cycle and fully adjust it to the type of clothing you’re washing.

Spin speed and how well does it extract water

With the proper water extraction in place, you will be able to dry the clothes without making a mess in the bathroom or balcony. When it comes to spin speed and water extractions, front loaders take the win one more time. Top loading machines are a bit slower when compared to the front loading machine.

Front-loading machines usually spin about 33% faster than top loading washing machines and also more efficiently. However top load machines also do very well even though they take a bit time for spin cycle.

Power consumption

Most high quality washing machines on the market have some sort of energy efficiency certification. An energy efficient machine consumes less power per each wash cycle, and thus allows you to save money on your electricity bills. Front loading machines are generally more energy efficient, as they use less power and less water than top loaders.

Front loading machines take another win when it comes to powder consumption. Most energy efficient washing machines are front loaders since their mechanism doesn’t require high voltage levels. If you wish to take a top load machine try to select the one with good star rating of 3 or above

Noise levels

Front loading machines are designed very efficiently than top loaders. Thus, they also make less noise during each cycle. Usually all washing machines were designed to operate in closets and small areas. They are built with low noise levels in mind. Some of the higher quality front loading machines even have a vibration control feature that allows you to adapt the noise levels properly.

Top loading machines, on the other hand, are much louder and often don’t have such control features. If you want to to feel comfortable while the machine is running in the other room, consider investing in a front loader because of significantly lower noise levels.

Stability/ Vibrations

If the machine is placed at an unstable surface, chances are the drum will make more noise and vibrations. It is important to setup the machine on a flat surface or get a machine stand if necessary. Front loading machines often have vibration control settings, which make it easier to control the noise level and the vibration of the drum.

While front loaders have better vibration features, both types of machines must be placed on a stable surface. Stability or the lack of it can significantly impact the efficiency of both front and top loading machines.

Last Minute Adding Clothes

There’s nothing worse than starting a wash cycle only to realize you’ve left a few garments in your bedroom. Instead of leaving those items of clothing in the laundry basket until the next cycle, it would be really better if you could just open the machine and add a few items before the cycle continues. This can be done with more advanced washing machines, as they have a pause feature to allow you to add more clothes.

It is much easier to add clothes last minute in a top loader machine, since you will be opening the lid on the top. If you were to open a front loader machine mid-cycle, chances are you would create a flood of hot water and detergent in your bathroom.

Less Damage to Clothes/Fabric

Front loading machines are a lot friendly on the clothing. Top loaders tend to be rougher during the wash cycle, so they are more likely to damage sensitive clothes and fabrics, especially if the machine is overloaded.

Overall, front loading machines are a lot more gentle on the clothes. If you want to keep your sensitive garments as good as new, consider opting for a front loader.

Growth of Mold/Smell

Mold can be formed on any type of machine if you don’t maintain it properly. However, front loading machines are much more prone to mold build ups. The reason behind this because they have a rubber gasket, which can get moldy if you don’t dry it properly. To prevent mold build up, place the front load washer in a dry area with good airflow. You can also keep the door slightly open before cycles to allow better airflow inside the basket.

If you’ve struggled with mold in washing machines previously, it might be a better option to invest in a top loader machine, which is far less likely going to have mold issues. However, with proper maintenance, you can easily avoid mold build ups in time.

Required Space for Top Load and Front Load Machines

Front load machines are generally shorter than top load, which means they will take up less space in your home. You can install a front loading machine in a designed area too. That way, the laundry section will take less space in your household.

Top loaders, on the other hand, require more space, mainly the space above the machine as the lid needs to be opened above. coming to the width of the machines, front load have a larger width than the top load. However both the options are good to go.

Detergent Price and Usage

Front load and top load machines require different types of detergents. Top load machines use more water and for its way of cleaning it need a stronger detergent solution that creates more foam and bubbles. Front load machines, on the other hand, use less water so they cannot rinse out the clothes well if there is too much foam. Make sure to use the right detergents to avoid unwanted detergent residue on the clothing.

Both front load and top load machines use detergent efficiently, as long as you get the right type of detergent for your type of machine. Coming to the cost front load detergent is little bit pricier than top load


The installation process is equally complex for both front loading and top loading washers. Both machines will need a good tap connection, a stable surface to be placed on, and proper earthing to avoid electrical issues. If you’ve never installed a washing machine before, consider getting professional help to avoid any unwanted complications.

There is no winner between top load vs front load washing machines when it comes to installation. Both machines should be installed carefully, preferably with the help of a professional plumber or electrician.


As we’ve already mentioned, front loading machines are more susceptible to mold and bad smell, which is why they require more maintenance compared to top loaders. In top loading machines, gravity naturally pulls the water down and prevents it from building up inside the basket. That’s why top loaders don’t have mold-related issues.

Even though both machines need to be maintained and cleaned regularly, it is much easier to take care of a top loading machine. If you’re looking for less maintenance and cleaning, top loaders are the way to go.

Additional features

Higher quality washing machines come with additional features such as auto clean options, steam cleaning, express wash, and anti-vibrations. Auto cleaning feature is a smart setting that automatically determines the wash program depending on the weight of the load and type of fabric. Steam cleaning is a great addition to any washing machine because it makes stain removal easier and faster. We’ve already mentioned the vibration controls and similar features on front loaders. Let’s not forget the express wash feature, which allows you to wash basic garments in shorter cycles in case you don’t have a lot of time.

Overall, front loading machines have a lot more features compared to top loaders. These machines are considered more advanced, but they are also more expensive. However, some of the higher quality top loading machines have great sets of features, which makes them a good alternative if you don’t want to spend a lot of money.


Overall, front load machines are the winner of the comparison between top and front load washers. They are more superior in terms of features, compact design, and overall cleaning efficiency. However, that doesn’t mean you should completely disregard top load machines. Top loaders have their strengths as well. For example, they are easier to use since you don’t have to bend down and they are less likely going to have mold and bad smell issues. On top of that, top load washing machines are the more affordable solution in the budget point.

If you’re choosing between a top load and a front load machine, consider how much space you have in your laundry area and whether using a front load machine would be too difficult on a daily basis. While top loading machines are a great alternative from the price point of view, don’t forget that front loaders pack better wash cycle features such as steam cleaning and automatic wash settings.

We hope our detailed comparison between top load vs front load washing machines has helped you make the right decision for your household. Once you choose the right type of machine, don’t forget to look into size and capacity, as well as how other features meet your needs and requirements!

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