17 Best Sandwich Makers in India 2020 | Top Brands, Buying Guide

How many times did you thought of having a delicious grilled sandwich as your evening snack? With some of the best sandwich makers in India, you can achieve the same quality of grilled or toasted sandwiches that you get in local restaurants. All you need to do is heat up the electric sandwich maker and let it do the job for you.

Before you can start making tasty sandwiches, you have to choose a sandwich maker that can live up to your expectations. From heating plates and coating to the cord length and handle design, there are many features that determine the quality of this simple yet important machine. Take a look at some of the best sandwich makers in India 2020!

Sandwich maker
Sandwich maker

Here is the list of Best Sandwich Makers in India

1. Prestige Sandwich Maker PGMFD01

The most important feature of a good sandwich maker is its durability. That’s why we’re starting off with the original Prestige Sandwich Maker that features a strong and heat-resistant Bakelite body.

The plates that get in touch with the food have a non-stick coating that allows easier cleaning and maintenance. This sandwich maker relies on German technology with a quick power system and convenient light indicators. Moreover, this sandwich maker comes with a one year warranty in case of any issues with the product.


  • Durable plates
  • Non-stick coating
  • German technology
  • Good indicator lights
  • Easy to clean
  • One year warranty included


  • The power cable is too short (about three feet)

2. Borosil Super-Jumbo BGRILLSS23 Sandwich Maker

If you need a bigger sandwich maker for an entire family, the Borosil Super-Jumbo Grill is a great option to consider. This sandwich maker features an over-sized plate that can fit up to four sandwiches. Thus, you can prepare more sandwiches a lot faster than you would with an ordinary machine.

It features an oil collector tray that serves to remove excess oil and prevent dripping. You won’t have to deal with a messy kitchen each time after using the machine. The sandwich maker also features a thermal fuse for additional safety and a handle that remains cool to touch even during operation.


  • Large plate for four sandwiches
  • Oil collector trail included
  • Slide type plate locking
  • Thermal fuse
  • Cool to touch handle
  • One meter long cord
  • Nonstick coating
  • Two years warranty
  • Features a temperature control knob


  • Built up material quality is not up to the mark

3. Havells Big Fill 900-Watt 2Slice Sandwich Maker

Next up is the smaller Havells sandwich maker that can make two-slice sandwiches in one go. The sandwich plates feature a non-stick coating for easier cleaning and maintenance. Moreover, this sandwich maker can both toast and grill your sandwiches to perfection thanks to the fast heating capabilities of the fixed sandwich plates.

The ergonomically designed handle will remain cool during operation, so you don’t have to worry about accidental burns. Moreover, the stylish stainless steel cover design of this sandwich maker will fit any kitchen interior.


  • Elegant design
  • Two power indicators
  • Non-stick coating
  • Efficient toasting and grilling
  • Fixed plates
  • Safety lock
  • Cool to touch handle


  • Short Power cord

4. Philips HD 2393 820-Watt Sandwich Maker

The Philips HD sandwich maker is a simple yet convenient machine that will get the job done quickly. If you need to toast some sandwiches, this appliance will make it easier to get things started as it heats up faster than average machines. The non-stick coating will prevent the sandwich from sticking to the plates, which will make cleaning easier.

This sandwich maker is a great option for small and compact kitchens because it can be stored vertically to save space. It is also important that the appliance features rubber support on the bottom so it won’t move around while toasting your food. However, keep in mind that this sandwich maker cannot grill sandwiches. It is only capable of toasting.


  • Easy pushdown lock system
  • Non-stick coating
  • Vertical storage option
  • Fast heating
  • Cool to touch handle
  • Rubber support prevents moving during operation


  • Short cord
  • Toasting only (no grilling feature)

5. Nova NGS 2449 Panini Sandwich Maker

Moving on, we have an interesting Panini Sandwich Maker with an elegant black and gray design. This kitchen appliance features powerful grill plates with a non-stick coating reinforced with a coat of double Teflon. This feature increases the overall durability of the appliance that is made of high quality stainless steel.

This sandwich maker features automatic thermostat control to ensure efficient and even heating. It comes with a user manual in case you’ve never operated a sandwich maker before. Much like the previous product we listed, this one can be stored vertically to save space in your kitchen. It comes with a one-year warranty on all its components.


  • Non-sliding rubber feet
  • The machine remains cool on the outside even while grilling
  • Non-stick and double Teflon coating
  • One year warranty
  • Space saving storage design
  • Automatic thermostat control
  • High quality stainless steel


  • No Temperature Control

6. Concord Sandwich Maker/ Grill

Next up is a simple sandwich maker and grill appliance by Concord. This machine features an ergonomic safety handle that remains cool to touch even when the plates heat up to their maximum capacity. The appliance comes with a drip tray to collect any excessive oil. However, since the Teflon plates are covered with non-stick coating, you won’t have to use a lot of oil at all. Instead, you can toast or grill delicious and healthy sandwiches that retain the nutritious value of its ingredients.

Moreover, this machine features a floating hinge system, which can adjust to any size of toast. With automatic temperature control, you won’t have to worry about your sandwiches burning.


  • Cool to touch safety handle
  • Drip tray for excessive oil is included
  • Non-stick Teflon plates
  • Floating hinge system
  • Cord wrap for easier storage
  • Automatic temperature control


  • Quality of built up material is ok but not up to the mark

7. Amazon Brand-Solimo Non-Stick Sandwich Maker

Solimo is a well-known Amazon brand that focuses on creating high quality kitchen appliances. One of those appliances is their premium sandwich maker with non-stick heating plates and double Teflon coating. This sandwich maker features a simple design that will get the job done any time you need it. The plates heat up quickly and the light indicators will let you know when the machine is ready for use.

This sandwich maker can be used for both toasting and grilling to prepare delicious crispy sandwiches. It features automatic temperature control and a cord that’s over 1.2 meters long. You can easily wrap the cord around the appliance for convenient and compact storage.


  • Non-stick heating plates
  • Double Teflon coating
  • Red and green light indicators
  • Compact storage
  • Efficient toasting and grilling
  • Automatic temperature control
  • 1.2 meter cable


  • Not the best build quality

8. Borosil Jumbo Grill Sandwich Maker

Here’s another large Borosil sandwich maker for those who need to make grilled sandwiches for an entire family. This kitchen appliance can make up to two sandwiches at the same time. It features an automatic lock hatch and a very simple design. Even if you’ve never used a sandwich maker before, you will understand how this one works pretty quickly.

It has a simple indicator display that lets you know when the plates are ready for grilling. The non-stick coating makes cleaning easier, while the rubber feet keep the appliance in place during operation.


  • Comes with a two year warranty
  • Auto lock hatch
  • Easy to use and clean
  • Rubber feet keep the machine in place
  • Simple indicator display
  • Great performance and fast heating


  • Thin plates

9. Nova NSG-2439 Panini Grill Sandwich Maker

Next up is one of the best toasted sandwich makers by Nova. This appliance seals and grills sandwiches with such ease that it will most likely become your favorite thing to do in the kitchen. The sandwich maker features non-stick heating plates with high quality double Teflon coating.

The automatic thermostat control makes it easy to grill sandwiches without worrying about burns or overheating. Besides making delicious sandwiches, this appliance is very easy to clean and store after use. It also comes with one year warranty to give you some peace of mind during the first few months of usage.


  • 1.4 meters long cable
  • Non-stick plates with double Teflon coating
  • Automatic thermostat control
  • Comes with a user manual
  • One year warranty
  • Can be stored vertically to save space
  • Allows grilling with minimal use of oil
  • Heat-resistant body coating


  • Cord length

10. Panasonic NF-GW1 4-Slice Sandwich Maker

The Panasonic slice sandwich maker is capable of grilling delicious sandwiches on a daily basis. This appliance can prepare up to four sandwiches at once. In case you’ve never operated a Panasonic sandwich maker, you can refer to the included manual to learn more about the machine’s features. This sandwich maker is certainly a valuable addition to any kitchen as it is easy to clean and maintain, even for long periods of time. The modern design can also serve as décor in any contemporary kitchen.


  • Non-stick heating plate
  • Attractive design
  • Grills four sandwiches at once
  • Comes with a user manual
  • Easy to clean
  • Low power consumption


  • Little bit difficult to clean

11. Borosil Neo BSM70NDS15 Grill Sandwich Maker

Next up is another Borosil sandwich maker, this time a more suitable option for large families. This sandwich maker provides fast and even heating with automatic temperature control and a thermal fuse for additional safety.

The grill plates are covered with a non-stick layer to make sure the sandwich doesn’t stick to the machine. The long power cord makes it easy to move the appliance around the kitchen while the cord wrap makes the storing of the machine hassle-free. On top of all its great features, this Borosil sandwich maker comes with a two year warranty.


  • Automatic temperature control
  • Fully non-stick
  • Fast and even heating
  • Long power cord
  • Cord wrap feature for easier storing
  • Two year warranty included
  • Great option for families


  • The upper lid is not sturdy enough

12. Morphy Richards SM3006 Sandwich Maker

If you are in need of a simple sandwich maker with no fancy and complicated features, then this Morphy Richards appliance is a great option for you. This is an ordinary sandwich maker that gets the job done without too much hassle.

It features non-stick plates and a comfortable ergonomic handle. Simply heat up the appliance, throw your sandwich in and give it a minute or two to grill. The handle will remain cool to touch, so you don’t have to worry about the heat. There’s also no oil dripping down the sides to make a mess in the kitchen.


  • Two year warranty
  • Non-stick coating
  • Comfortable ergonomic handle
  • Saves time and energy
  • No oil dripping
  • Cool touch


  • The build quality of the latch is not the best one

13. Warmeo Grill and Toast Sandwich Maker with Non-Stick Cookware

Warmeo is known for high quality sandwich makers and this appliance is no exception. It features classic non-stick plates that distribute heat evenly to ensure your sandwich is grilled to perfection. This appliance also allows for oil-free cooking for one person, as it can make one sandwich at a time. It features an attractive design with eco-friendly components that preserve the nutrients of your food. The long handle makes it easy to handle the appliance over the gas stove.


  • Eco-friendly
  • Non-stick coating
  • Oil-free cooking
  • Attractive design
  • Long-lasting
  • Lightweight and easy to use


  • non stick coating of the toaster is not upto the mark

14. iBELL SM301 3in1 Sandwich Maker

This three in one sandwich maker comes with three detachable plates designed for grilling, toasting, and making waffles. Besides making delicious morning sandwiches, you will also get to make soft waffles and desserts.

This appliance features an elegant black finish with a sturdy grip handle. It gets the job done in no time thanks to fast heating plates. Since you won’t have to use much oil while cooking, you will be able to make healthy and delicious sandwiches that won’t negatively impact your dietary habits.


  • Elegant black finish and design
  • Comes with a six month warranty
  • Good grip handle
  • Thermostatically controlled heating
  • Comes with three detachable plates
  • Can make waffles as well
  • No oil needed


  • The appliance has a strange odor the first few times you heat it up
  • Short Cord length

15. INALSA Easy Toast Sandwich Maker

INALSA is one of the most reputable sandwich maker brands in India. Their sandwich maker features a shock-proof and thoroughly heat-resistant body with an attractive design. The non-stick plates of this sandwich maker are easy to clean and maintain while the non-sliding feet keep the appliance in place while in use.

What’s interesting about this sandwich maker is that it has an automatic scissor cut feature. It cuts your sandwiches into precise triangles, making the preparation process simpler and faster. This is the only sandwich maker on our list that has this unique feature. The machine can also be stored both vertically and horizontally, depending on how much storage space you have in the kitchen.


  • Shock-proof and resistant to heat
  • Premium design
  • Non-slide rubber feat
  • Non-stick coating
  • Even heat distribution
  • Two storage options
  • Two year warranty included
  • Automatic scissor cut feature
  • Quick operation


  • The appliance size is bit small which large breads may not fit in well

16. Cello Super Club Toast-N-Grill Plus Sandwich Maker

Next up is the Cello Super Club sandwich maker for toasting and grilling of delicious and healthy sandwiches. This durable appliance is made of die cast aluminum paired with non-stick heating plates and a sturdy handle.

The elegant black finish makes this sandwich maker a great décor addition to any kitchen. This machine is very simple yet highly efficient in its operation. It allows for oil-free cooking and saves energy by heating up quickly and evenly.


  • Elegant black finish
  • Oil-free cooking
  • Non-stick coating
  • Keeps the ingredients fresh
  • One year warranty included
  • Quick and easy to use and clean


  • Short cord

17. Russell Hobbs RST750M3 Non-Stick 3in1 Sandwich Maker

Last but not least, here is another three in one sandwich maker, this time by Russell Hobbs. The appliance comes with three detachable plates for waffles, toast sandwiches, and grilled sandwiches. All plates are covered with a layer of non-stick coating to ensure healthy and oil-free cooking.

The machine also features temperature control and power indicator lights to make operation easier and hassle-free. The indicator lights will make sure you never overcook your food in this appliance.


  • Two year warranty included
  • Three detachable plates
  • Non-stick coating
  • Easy to clean
  • Power indicator lights included


  • The only drawback is its short cord length

Types of Sandwich Makers

There are two main types of sandwich makers that you should be familiar with:

Panini Press Sandwich Makers

A Panini Press is a type of contact grill designed for heating sandwiches and grilling meat and vegetable ingredients. A Panini Press is usually sturdier and more durable compared to ordinary sandwich makers.

This type of press is also more suitable for thicker bread and sandwiches with more ingredients. It allows you to prepare grilled meat sandwiches with a variety of ingredients without worrying about making a mess.

Triangle Sandwich Makers

A triangle sandwich maker is a far simpler appliance that’s only designed for basic sandwich toasting. You can only place ordinary sliced bread or toast into a triangle sandwich maker. There is a limit to the amount of ingredients you can put in the sandwich as well.

You can choose to grill some cheese or put an extra ham in the sandwich. However, adding more than two or three ingredients will prevent the top lid from closing properly, which can damage the appliance and cause the ingredients to spill outside the sandwich. A triangle sandwich maker is not designed for thicker sandwiches.

Top Sandwich Maker Brands

The quality of a sandwich maker appliance often depends on the manufacturer behind the product. Here is the list of best sandwich maker brands in India include the following:

  • Warmeo – A brand that focuses on eco-friendly and energy saving appliances.
  • Borosil – The number one source of user-friendly sandwich makers and grill machines.
  • Havells – The manufacturer of some of the best-toasted sandwich makers in India.
  • Concord – Company that focuses on producing and marketing high quality Panini Presses and premium sandwich makers on the market.
  • Prestige – As its name suggests, Prestige is a brand of premium sandwich makers with a focus on quality and convenience in the kitchen.

How to Select the Best Sandwich Maker

Here are some helpful points and tips for choosing the best grill sandwich maker:

Size and Number of Slices

Depending on the number of household members or people that will be using the appliance, you should choose a sandwich maker that provides the capacity you need. In case you’re cooking for an entire family, go for a larger Panini Press or a sandwich maker with wider plates.


Make sure the sandwich maker you choose is powerful enough to heat up quickly so you don’t have to waste time waiting for the indicator light to turn on. There are also plenty of high quality energy saving appliances out there that will reduce energy consumption while still operating efficiently.

Surface type and Coating

Cheap sandwich makers will mess up your kitchen with oil dripping on the sides with sandwich ingredients glued everywhere. To avoid such a mess, choose a sandwich maker with non-stick coating. This will make cleaning much easier in the long run. If you want to go a step further, you can opt for appliances with an additional layer of double Teflon coating.

Quality of Body

The body of a high quality sandwich maker should be sturdy and durable. There shouldn’t be any wobbly parts or loose plastic ends. Instead, the machine should be tough and durable to withstand continuous use for years. Another thing you should look for is shock-resistant and heat-resistant design, as sandwich makers with these features tend to last longer and operate more efficiently.


It is very important to check whether the sandwich maker you’re interested in has durable hinges. If the hinges are loose or poor in quality, they can easily break while you press the two plates together. Durable hinges will make your appliance last longer despite the pressure you put on it.

Temperature Control

Even though not all sandwich makers have temperature control capabilities, this is a great feature that will make the preparation process easier and more enjoyable. With proper temperature control, the machine will heat up the plates evenly and make sure your sandwich doesn’t get burned or overheated.

Plates and Handles

A high quality sandwich maker should have thick and durable plates that distribute heat evenly. Make sure the plates are firmly fixed in place and that they’re not moving around as you press the lid down to grill the sandwich. When it comes to handles, it is best to choose an appliance with durable and ergonomic handles for easier control and stability. Make sure the handles remain cool to touch to avoid any burns or injuries during the operation.

Cord Length

There is nothing more annoying than having to deal with short appliance cords in the kitchen. When it comes to sandwich makers, cord length is exceptionally important for the overall user experience. Make sure to choose an appliance with a decent cord length, preferably over one meter. That way, you won’t have to struggle with tangled extension cords or the lack of space in the kitchen.

Ease of cleaning

You certainly don’t want to be stuck with a sandwich maker that is too difficult to clean. The appliance should have a non-stick coating that makes cleaning simple and easy. Stay away from poor quality sandwich makers that leave a mess after each use.


The price plays an important role in choosing the right sandwich maker for your needs. However, don’t let the price guide you because you will most likely settle for a poor quality appliance. Consider investing in a higher quality sandwich maker that will last for years and make sandwich grilling more enjoyable.


It’s always good to have a warranty backup for any product or kitchen appliance you purchase. Make sure the sandwich maker you choose comes with at least one year of warranty coverage. Some manufacturers are generous enough to offer two year warranty periods.

Safety features like Cool Touch Body

In order to avoid any burns or injuries in the kitchen, choose a sandwich maker with a body that remains cool even during operation. The most important part of the appliance that should remain cool the entire time is the handle. However, higher quality sandwich makers don’t heat up on the outside at all.

Other Features

When it comes to other features, you should look for appliances with power indicator lights and rubber feet support that prevents sliding.

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