Top 10 Best Video Door Phones in India 2020: For Home Security

Are you concerned about the safety of your home? Video door phones are a convenient solution to communication and security. In fact, this article on the best video door phone in India will help you take your home security to the next level by checking who is in front of the door as well as allowing you to lock and unlock doors remotely.

All you need to do is,  install a video phone at the entrance of your home, and you can see who is walking around the property at any time.

However, keep in mind that not all video door bells will offer the same features. Some basic models will only allow you to see who is in front of the door when the bell goes off. You can opt for the more advanced video door phones to be able to take pictures and record during any time of the day. Stick around to read our selected products list, brands and buying guide and find the best video door phone in India!

Video door phone
Video door phone

How Does a Video Door Phone Work?

Video door phones offer different features depending on the model and the manufacturer. However, all devices are based on a similar security system that uses a camera to record. The recording is displayed on the monitor of the indoor unit, which you can place anywhere in your house.

The modern video door phones sold today have WiFi connectivity features and can be used at large ranges, whereas some of the more traditional models require wire installation. Either way, you can use the best video door phone to protect your house by visually checking who is at the door.

Besides seeing the visitor, you can communicate with them through a built-in speaker and have them talk back to you through audio communication. The more advanced video door phones have the ability to control the locks, thus allowing you to lock and unlock doors from any location in the house. If you are looking for the best video door phone 2020, make sure the unit has all the advanced features for extra security.

Benefits of Having a Video Door Phone or Door Bell

The primary purpose of a video door phone is to add security to your home. However, the benefits of these devices go way beyond security. It also allows you to see who is at the door without having to get up from the comfort of your couch. If you choose the best video phone in India, you will have the ability to connect it to your smartphone and check the front camera at any time of the day.

Another benefit of having a video door bell is the ability to talk to visitors without having to open the door. This adds extra security to your home because you don’t have to risk opening the door to strangers. Instead, you can use the audio communication feature to ask them what are they looking for.

A video door phone can also serve as a security camera since it can record and save photos of outdoor surroundings. In case of an incident, you will have recordings of people who invaded the privacy of your home. Moreover, advanced video door phones allow you to record the environment even during the nighttime thanks to advanced night vision cameras.

The Best Video Door Phones in India You can Buy Now

1. Panasonic Video Door Phone VL-SW250BX

We will start our list with a video door phone model by one of the most well-known companies in the world – Panasonic. Their wireless video door bell provides exceptional features that can take your home security to the next level. Since the unit is completely wireless, it is easy to install and put together.

It comes with a 5.2 inch IPS LCD screen that clearly shows the image of the outdoor environment. The good thing about this Panasonic video door phone is that it can store up to 400 images of visitors at one time. Its camera also provides high resolution night vision, so you don’t have to worry about nighttime recordings. One of the unique features of this Panasonic unit is the voice changer, which allows you to mask your voice so the visitor won’t recognize it.

This is a highly user-friendly unit that can also serve as an intercom device between the main monitor and multiple sub monitors. On top of it all, Panasonic provides great customer support service in case you come across any issues.


  • Wireless installation
  • Good memory and storage
  • Night vision
  • High resolution images
  • Voice changer
  • Easy to use and user-friendly
  • Good customer support service


  • No cons for this one

Bottom line:

With high resolution picture and good storage, this might be one of the best video door phones in India. It features a voice changer as well, which is a great security addition.

2. Legrand Classe 300 Connected Video Door Phone

Next up is the Legrand Classe connected video door phone that allows you to communicate with visitors from any room in the house. This product can be connected between multiple rooms, allowing your family members to communicate with each other from different locations in the house or to communicate with the person who is out side the house. This feature makes this video phone a convenient solution for large homes or houses that have two or more floors.

When it comes to security, this video door phone will help you track your visitors and communicate with them safely through the closed door. What’s best about the Legrand Classe door phone is that it can be connected to a smartphone, which then serves as an intercommunicating terminal. The manufacturer offers a free application for both iOS and Android devices, which you can use to manage the functions of the door bell.

Even though this unit does offer WiFi connectivity, it requires a simple two-wire installation, which is so easy that you can probably do it yourself. Speaking of installation, the Legrand Classe best video door phone can be installed on a wall or a table, depending on your preferences. It’s also available in two finishes – light and dark colors. Therefore, you can match the design of the unit to the interior of your home. Keep in mind that the video display doesn’t have HD resolution.


  • Can be used from any room in the house
  • Smartphone connectivity
  • Free app for Android and iOS devices
  • Simple two-wire installation
  • Available in two finishes


  • No HD image
  • Price

Bottom line:

The Legrand Classe door phone makes it easy to communicate with household members and visitors in front of the door. Smartphone connectivity makes this unit a convenient and easy-to-use device.

3. CP PLUS (CP-PVK-70H) Intelligent Video Door Phone Bell

Moving on, we must introduce the CP Plus Intelligent video door phone, one of the most popular video door bell units in India. This device is made of premium quality materials that are guaranteed to last long in any weather conditions. The unit also features a large LCD screen of 7 inches, which makes it easier to observe the camera output.

Speaking of the video, the outdoor camera records in clear HD resolution, making it easy to identify the visitors in front of the door. The CP Plus unit also features built-in IR for night vision and weatherproof casing for the outdoor unit.

Besides allowing audio communication with visitors, this unit can also serve as a convenient security cam thanks to its high quality image. Moreover, CP Plus has very intuitive settings and controls, so it won’t take you a long time to figure out how everything works. With easy settings and convenient features, this video door phone unit offers good value for your money.


  • Hands-free video door phone
  • Video recorded in color
  • Premium quality
  • 7 inch screen
  • High resolution and clear vision
  • Weatherproof outdoor unit


  • CP’s customer service may not be that reliable

Bottom line:

The CP Plus intelligent video door phone has great features worth investing in. We are especially impressed by the 7 inch screen and color video in HD resolution.

4. Honeywell i-Shield Standalone Analog Video Door Phone kit

Next up is the Honeywell i-Shield video door unit that serves as a convenient hands-free intercom. This is an analog phone kit, which means it doesn’t provide remote access. However, it does its job well when it comes to video door phone features such as HD image and clear viewing of the outdoor surroundings.

This unit features a 7 inch LCD screen, which is wide enough to provide a clear view of the camera output. The outdoor unit comes with a 120 degree angle night vision camera.

Besides great video quality, the wide angle of the camera makes it possible to record a larger area in front of the door. By far, the most impressive feature of the Honeywell i-Shield unit is the ability to lock and unlock doors electronically. Good camera coverage and the waterproof casing allow you to see the surroundings clearly regardless of the outdoor conditions. Moreover, this phone kit is very easy to install, and it provides all the features you need to enhance the security for your home.


  • Seven inch display
  • Wide angle camera
  • HD video quality
  • Good night vision resolution
  • Waterproof outdoor unit
  • Easy to use and install
  • Clear vision even in challenging conditions


  • The unit is analog which means it doesn’t provide remote access.

Bottom line:

Altogether, the Honeywell i-Shield analog video door phone kit is a great option for home security enhancement. If you don’t mind the lack of remote access, you will get plenty of convenient features, including electronic door unlocking.

5. Hikvision 7 Inch Video Door Phone

Next up is the Hikvision video door phone that allows hands-free video intercom communication. The Hikvision door phone unit is all about making communication simple and easy. Thus, it allows one-touch calling and communication throughout the entire household.

The external analog camera is discretely placed in a pin hole, allowing you to capture images and recordings without your visitor being aware of it. The unit is also very easy to install with a simple installation manual.

It is important to mention that the outdoor camera does provide good photo quality in terms of resolution. However, it doesn’t cover too much of the outdoor space. Unlike the previous unit we reviewed, the Hikvision video door phone does not have a wide angle camera, so you won’t be able to see the wider area of the entrance.

However, if you are only focused on the visitor in front of the door, you will get a clear picture and good audio quality.


  • Discrete pinhole camera
  • Easy to use and install
  • Hands-free intercom video communication
  • Good photo quality
  • One-touch calling option
  • Good value for the price


  • The camera does not have the largest coverage area (no wide-angle lens)

Bottom line:

Overall, the Hikvision 7 inch video door phone unit provides good quality images and video recordings of events taking place at your entrance. However, keep in mind that this unit may not provide good wide angle photos.

6. Legrand 369570 Plastic Video Door Entry System

Moving on, we have another model of the Legrand video door entry systems. This model offers hands-free and handset options of utmost home security. With such versatile access, the Legrand video door entry system allows you to control the security of your home from any room.

What makes this unit one of the best video door phone systems is that it can be expanded and combined with other security equipment. For example, the Legrand door phones can be connected with up to four internal video units.

This level of versatility allows you to build an entire security system by placing Legrand video door phones around the property. Speaking of placing the phones, this unit requires a simple 4-wire installation that won’t be too time-consuming.

All components of the entrance panel are completely waterproof to protect the unit from rain. The outdoor unit also features a hidden LED for night vision, which makes recording very discrete. Given that this system can be expanded with other pieces of security equipment, it is a very reliable option to keep in mind.


  • Hands-free and handset options
  • Controllable from any room in the house
  • Can be expanded with up to four internal video units
  • Waterproof unit
  • Hidden LED for night vision


  • Little bit Pricey

Bottom line:

This Legrand product has impressive features, including hidden LED cam for night vision and the ability to be configured with multiple devices. Overall, it is one of the best video door phones in India.

7. Panasonic VL-SW251SX Wireless Video Intercom System

We had to include one more video door phone unit by Panasonic since they are one of the most reputable tech companies in the world. This Panasonic video intercom system comes with a medium-sized 5.2 inch LCD monitor that perfectly displays the camera output.

The unit comes with a long list of features designed to improve home security. One of the most notable features is the voice changer that masks your voice and makes it impossible to identify who is communicating through the system.

Besides the voice changer, this unit comes with a great night vision camera and a wireless handset that can be used from any room inside the house. It is also important to mention that this Panasonic unit offers a picture recording function, which means you can save photos to the storage and view them later on.

This is a great security feature in case you need to capture intruders outside the property. However, keep in mind that only one unit can be used at a time, meaning you can either use the main monitor or the wireless handset, not both of them. On top of it all, the unit is very easy to install, and it provides good quality sound and range.


  • Voice changer feature
  • Night vision camera
  • Wireless handset
  • Picture recording function
  • Easy to install
  • Good range and audio quality


  • Only one unit can be used at a time.

Bottom line:

This Panasonic video door phone unit is a convenient solution for home security. Its 5.2 inch monitor displays an HD image and it even allows you to capture photos of the outdoor surroundings.

8. ZEBRONICS VD7 Video Door Phone

Next up is the ZEBRONICS video door phone unit with the large 7 inch display. This unit allows you to easily monitor visitors at the door through advanced camera features such as brightness and chrome adjustments. Being one of the best video door phone units on the market, this system supports dual rim locks for both doors and gates. The unit makes it easy to lock and unlock doors with a single click. 

Moreover, this ZEBRONICS home security system features a modern touch panel for easy access to all settings and controls. It comes with a night vision camera and a built-in speaker as well. The entire unit is completely waterproof, so you don’t have to worry about rain damaging the outdoor piece.

Moreover, this video door phone system is available in black or white color so you can easily match it with the interior of your home. Unfortunately, the only thing missing is the photo capturing feature.


  • 7 inch display
  • Easy controls through a modern touch panel
  • Brightness and chrome camera settings
  • Supports dual rim locks
  • Lock and unlock doors and gates automatically
  • Night vision available
  • Built-in speaker
  • Available in two colors
  • Waterproof units


  • No photo capturing feature

Bottom line:

This video door phone system offers advanced night vision capabilities and video adjustments. You can adjust the brightness to get a clearer vision of the outdoor environment, which makes this unit one of the most advanced options on our list.

9. Godrej Security Solutions Solus 4. 3 Lite Video Door Phone

Next up is a video door phone unit by Godrej Security Solutions. This unit features a stylish design that will fit in with any modern environment. It allows you to communicate with visitors outside the home, as well as with different members from any room inside the house. The outdoor unit is made of strong materials that are both vandal and weather resistant.

The unit also features LED for night vision and a high resolution pinhole camera for discrete recording. The unit has plenty of adjustable settings, including volume, brightness, and contrast, which you can access through the On-Screen Display menu.  The 4.3 inch indoor monitor allows you to adjust the image to get the clearest vision of the entry space.

Moreover, this system also comes with a hands-free set that makes communication more convenient. Let’s not forget that Godrej Security Solutions included a set of other advanced features such as the “do not disturb” mode for additional privacy. You will also usually get a free installation with your purchase, so you do not have to worry about setting things up.


  • Easy audio communication
  • LED for night vision
  • Supports two door stations
  • Free installation
  • High resolution image
  • Discrete pinhole camera
  • Adjustable settings through the display menu
  • Hands-free set
  • Do not disturb the privacy feature included


  • Poor image quality and camera angle coverage

Bottom line:

The Godrej Security Solutions video door phone offers a variety of advanced features at a decent price.

10. Grace-Impex Hikvision 7″ Video Door Phone DS-KIS201

The last video door phone on our list is the Grace-Impex Hikvision unit with a 7 inch screen for those who like a larger image. The unit has a high resolution camera for good image quality, combined with an HQ mic for good audio. This is the one of the units on our list that allows audio adjustments such as echo cancellation and noise suppression.

However, keep in mind that this is one of the more affordable units so it definitely has its drawbacks. For instance, the unit does not have a very user-friendly menu, and the video can only be displayed when the bell is pressed. Therefore, you won’t be able to record the surroundings when there is no one in front of the door.


  • Affordable solution
  • Large 7 inch screen
  • Good camera resolution
  • High quality audio
  • Audio enhancement features


  • No menu settings
  • Video only displayed when the bell is pressed

Bottom line:

If you are looking or an affordable solution, this Grace-Impex unit is a good option to consider. However, if you want a unit that can record video while you are away, you should look for something more advanced.

Best Video Door Phone Brands

Nowadays, the market is full of video door phone models of different types and sizes. While it is good to have additional options, the variety of available products makes it difficult to choose the right one.

After all, it is always better to stick to the popular and reputable names in the industry, rather than spend money on unknown and less popular brands. Have a look at our options to the best video door phone brands listed below!

  • Panasonic
  • Legrand
  • Hikvision
  • CP Plus
  • Honeywell
  • Godrej

A Clear-Cut Guide on What to Look at While Purchasing a Video Door Phone

If you need help finding the best video door phone 2020, consider the following features:

Wired/ Wireless

The more advanced video phones offer wireless connectivity, whereas the older models need traditional wiring.

There are pros and cons to both wired and wireless types of video door phones since wired ones require more complex installation and are limited in terms of location. Wireless video door phones, on the other hand, are easier to install. Still, they depend on the quality of the wireless connection in your home, and they’re more susceptible to downtime and malfunctions.

Photo capture

The photo capture feature on some video door phones allows users to take photos of the outdoor environment. While this feature isn’t mandatory in any way, it is a good addition to have in case you want to discretely take a photo of an unknown visitor and ask the rest of the family if they know him. The photo capturing feature is also beneficial in security situations, for instance, in case of a break-in.

Video recording

We definitely recommend investing in the best video door phone with a video recording feature as one of the most important security factors. This feature will allow you to record the activities in front of your home and watch them later on. If you leave video recording on when you leave the house, you will be able to track who tried to visit you while you were away.

Night vision

It is very important for a video door phone to have a night vision camera since a lot of outdoor activities take place at night. There is not much use of a video door phone if it cannot serve its purpose during the nighttime. Therefore, make sure the model you choose has night vision capabilities to get the best out of its security features.

Clear Voice

Audio communication is an important part of any video door phone. In fact, that is one of the phone’s primary purposes – to allow the user to communicate with the visitor through the closed door.

A high quality video door phone should have good audio components to provide clear and understandable sound. Some of the more advanced models offer voice changer functions so you can mask your real voice for extra security.

Picture Quality

Picture quality is one of the most important factors to consider when purchasing the best video door bell security system. Poor picture quality won’t help you identify visitors or intruders in front of your door.

A high quality camera is necessary to ensure good quality. Even though it doesn’t have to be HD, the picture displayed on the indoor monitor should clearly show the outdoor environment.


The more advanced video door phone models offer wireless connectivity and thus save the content to cloud storage solutions. The more traditional models, on the other hand, use SD cards to store captured photos and recordings.

Whichever you choose, make sure there is always plenty of space for the unit to record new content. Even if you choose an SD card model, you can get the best of it by regularly removing old content to allow more space for new photos and videos.

Design and material

The design and material make up the external features of the unit. While the design doesn’t play a crucial role in choosing the right model, the more modern units will look better in contemporary indoor spaces.

The material used to build the unit is far more important, as the unit should be strong and durable, as well as completely waterproof. Make sure the video door phone you choose is built of strong and long-lasting material.

Power requirement and consumption

Video door phones don’t consume a lot of power in general, especially since they are in standby mode most of the time. Unless your video door phone is recording 24/7, you won’t notice a drastic change in the overall power consumption rates in your home. Some of the best video door bell units have ultra low power consumption features for more energy efficiency.

Compatibility with other security equipment like CCTV

The more versatile video door phones can be paired with other security components to create a more advanced home security system. If you don’t like spending a lot of money and buying an entire security system at once, you can choose versatile models compatible with other units and slowly invest in building your own security system.

The best video door phone systems in India can be paired with other security equipment units, such as CCTV cameras. By pairing it with CCTV, you will be able to monitor other areas of the house, not only the front entrance.

Screen size

The screen size on the video door phone refers to the size of the display on the indoor monitor unit. Naturally, the larger the display, the better it is; since bigger displays allow you to see the photo more clearly.

Besides, large LCD displays make for a better and more contemporary design. If you want to stick to the quality of experience, a bigger screen size will mean larger photo output for the camera. Therefore, check the screen size before making the purchase, so you don’t end up disappointed if the screen is smaller than you expected. The largest screen size you should go for is seven inches.

Hands free intercom

Hands free intercom units allow easier communication with the door station from any room in the house. Models with hands free intercom features are more versatile and generally more popular on the market.

They allow for extra freedom and security; since you can communicate with the person in front of the main entrance from any room inside the house. Therefore, you won’t have to bother to get up every time the bell goes off. While this feature is very convenient for daily use, it also adds to the security of your property.


Even though the majority of video door phone units are waterproof, make sure to check this feature before you invest any money. It is important for the unit to be waterproof, especially the outdoor piece that will most likely come in touch with rain and snow.

You do not want to worry about your security system breaking down because of the weather conditions. To avoid these unnecessary concerns, make sure to choose the best video door phone in India made of waterproof materials and safe wiring. Make sure all outdoor components are fully waterproof to avoid any unwanted surprises.

Advanced features

If you want to go all-in and find the best video door phone system in India, then look for the following advanced features:

Electronic unlocking of the door

Advanced video door phone systems that are compatible with modern doors offer the electronic unlocking feature, which allows you to lock or unlock the front door remotely. This is a convenient feature that will save you the time and effort of getting up to lock the door or let another household member in.

Besides, this feature adds even more security to the system by allowing you to lock the door remotely in case you forgot to lock it when you were leaving the house.

Do not disturb mode

The “do not disturb” mode is a great additional feature that will help you get more privacy whenever you need it. If you want to get some rest or finish up some important work while not expecting visitors, you can turn on the “do not disturb” mode, and you won’t be notified if someone rings the bell.

That way, you don’t have to find polite ways to turn someone down. Instead, you can make it seem as if you are not home, and you will have more privacy for yourself and your family members.

Remote access

Last but not least, remote access is one of the best features you could be looking for in a video door phone. The best door bell units will allow you to connect the device to your smartphone and thus access it from any remote location covered with WiFi.

Remote access will allow you to check who is ringing your bell even when you are away from the property. While not all video door phones come with the remote access feature, the ones that do are on the pricier side of the budget spectrum. Therefore, if you’re looking for this feature specifically, be open to spending a bit more money.


The price of video door phone units depends on the quality of the unit and the manufacturer. While there is no single price to determine how much money you will have to spend on this security system, you can always compare the pricing through the links we provided for each product on our list.

However, keep in mind that price shouldn’t be the main deciding point on which video door phone you should get. Do not forget that cheaper options will cost you more in the long run in the form of repair costs and poor service.


The most reputable brands always back up their video door phone security systems with good warranty periods. A warranty will protect you from unsafe purchases and extra costs in case something is wrong with the unit during the first few months of usage.

Some brands even offer money-back guarantees, even though this practice is a lot less common compared to giving out warranties. Either way, make sure to check whether the video door phone system you are interested in comes with a warranty. You can even go a step further and contact the manufacturer to ask for a money-back guarantee.


Finally, the last factor you should consider before making the final purchase is the nature of the installation process of the unit. We have already mentioned that the WiFi-enabled units are wireless and thus easier to install compared to traditional units that require wire installation.

Either way, it is recommended to get a professional to help you set up the unit, so you do not cause any malfunctions. Some of the more popular brands even offer free installation with each purchase, which is a very convenient solution. In case your unit does not come with a free installation service, consider calling an electrician to get the job done.

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