15 Best Garment Steamers in India: For Home & Professional Use

Ironing clothes is one of the most disliked house chores out there, but it still has to be done. With the best garment steamer out there, you can make this process a lot easier. No one wants to walk around with wrinkled clothing, even though it takes a lot of time off our hands to iron them. Instead of ironing the clothes like in the old days, you need the best garment steamer in India to fix the wrinkles in a few seconds. In this article, we are going to focus on the difference between a garment steamer and regular steam iron, as well as which garments steamers you should consider purchasing.

Stick around till the end to learn more about the things you should keep in mind when shopping for the best handheld garment steamer on the market. Remember that these steamers will come in handy both for home use and for travel in 2020.

Garment Steamer

How Efficient are Garment Steamers? And How do they Differ from Normal Steam Irons

Handheld steamers are a great solution for people who needs to iron their clothes frequently as well as who travel often. The main difference between garment steamers and normal irons is that garment steamers can get rid of wrinkles without ever touching the fabric. There are both positive and negative sides to garment steamers.

The positive side is that garment steamers are portable and they work faster than classic irons. All you have to do is add the water, press a button, and let the steam get rid of wrinkles without pressing into the fabric over and over again. The speed and portability definitely make garment steamers more convenient than regular irons. However, when it comes to efficiency, garment steamers cannot iron the heavy fabric as thoroughly as regular steam irons. Their main purpose is to freshen up clothing or get rid of wrinkles on lighter items such as silk or cotton. If you need to iron a pair of jeans, you a regular steam iron is the best option.

Take a Look at the List of Best Garment Steamer In India for 2020

Now that we’ve got the basics covered, here is a list of the 15 best garment steamers in India that are both convenient and highly efficient.

1. WisTec Techne Direct 1000-Watts Portable Handheld Garment Steamer

We will begin with the WisTec Techne Direct handheld garment steamer with a large water tank and a power of 1000w. With the capacity of 260ml, this garment steamer can iron five to seven pieces of clothing per one refill of water.

That way, you can get more clothes ironed quickly and more efficiently. The WisTech garment steamer can be used both vertically and horizontally. It features a jet lock switch that makes it easy to steam clothing for long periods of time without getting tired.

Speaking of which, this garment steamer provides continuous steam for 15 to 20 minutes. It is powerful enough to remove wrinkles on clothing and bedding.

As a safety feature, the steamer has a high temperature automatic shut off button to prevent overheating. Overall, it is ergonomically designed and easy to use. Moreover, this steamer comes with a one year warranty.


  • Large tank capacity
  • Jet lock switch
  • Powerful steaming for over 15 minutes
  • High end thermostat temperature control
  • Ergonomic and user-friendly design


  • This steamer is bit heavier to operate

Bottom line: The WisTec Techne direct steamer is one of the most powerful garment steamers in India, featuring a large tank and technology that makes ironing quick and easy.

2. Black+Decker BXGS1501IN 1500 Watts Handheld Portable Garment Steamer

Next up is the Black+Decker garment steamer that packs slightly more power compared to the previous model. With 1500w of power and a continuous steam output of 21 g per minute, this portable handheld steamer will surprise you with its capabilities.

It offers adjustable settings for different types of fabrics and garments to ensure the best results with minimum risk of damaging the clothing. The steamer is also equipped with a 260ml detachable water tank, which is transparent so you can check the water level at all times.

What’s great about this steamer is that it has a universal bottle adapter so you can attach any bottle to it. This is a great feature for travellers who need this kind of functionality. We must also mention that this steamer comes with a longer 2 year warranty period.


  • Adjustable for different fabrics
  • Large tank capacity
  • Universal bottle adapter
  • Two years warranty
  • Powerful steam output


  • No cons for this product so far

Bottom line: As one of the finest handheld garment steamers by Black + Decker, this steamer has all the features you need to get rid of clothing wrinkles effortlessly. It is powerful and functional for both at home and on the go.

3. HAPPENWELL Fabric Steamer Handheld Iron for Clothes

The HAPPENWELL fabric steamer comes with a steam brush, so it not only remove wrinkles and refresh clothing but it also removes hair and lint from the garments. This handheld steamer provides a crisp and polished look on your clothing after each use.

Even though it has a powerful and consistent stream, it is safe and gentle on the clothing to avoid fabric damage. Unlike the previous two models we mentioned, this one has a slightly smaller water tank with a capacity of 200ml. This steamer also features the automatic shut-off function for safety in order to prevent overheating.

It provides a continuous stream for up to 15 minutes at one time. Moreover, this handheld garment steamer is quick to heat up and it is ready to use in under 60 seconds. Therefore, it is a great option for those who often need to freshen up their clothing on the go without much time to spare.


  • Comes with a steam brush
  • Powerful and consistent stream
  • Easy to view the water tank
  • 15 minutes of continuous steaming
  • Automatic shut-off feature


  • Little bit smaller water tank

Bottom line: This fabric steamer is quick to heat up and ready for use in under a minute. It will give your clothing a crisp and polished look each time you use it.

4. Philips Handheld Garment Steamer GC360/30

Next up is the Philips handheld garment steamer for vertical and horizontal steaming. With the power of 1200w, this garment steamer provides a continuous steam output of 22g per minute.

Coming from a well-known brand, this model is guaranteed to provide a high level of efficiency, both in removing wrinkles and refreshing clothing. One single steaming session with the Philips handheld garment steamer kills 99% of bacteria on your clothing.

Therefore, this steamer can be used to refresh clothing for a second wear. It features a Smartflow heated plate on an ergonomic and lightweight body that is easy to use for longer periods of time.

The water tank is detachable, and it has a small capacity of 70ml. However, the steamer also comes with a brush attachment and a safety glove to avoid accidental burns. Philips also included a 2.5m long cord for easier maneuvering.


  • Vertical and horizontal steaming
  • Kills 99% of bacteria
  • SmartFlow heated plate
  • Detachable water tank
  • Includes brush attachments and gloves
  • 2 years warranty


  • Small water tank (70ml)

Bottom line: This is surely one of the best garment steamers in India as it comes from a reputable brand and offers all the features you need to steam your clothes efficiently. The only downside is that the water tank has a small capacity and thus might need more frequent refills.

5. Wazdorf Steamer For facial Handheld Garment Steamer For Clothes

The Wazdorf steamer is a two-in-one device because it can serve as both steamer for clothes and a facial steamer for cold and cough. This model provides a powerful and consistent stream each time you use it. It removes wrinkles and leaves a clean and polished result.

At the same time, the steam is very gentle on the clothing so it will not damage the fabric. Moreover, the Wazdorf steamer takes about 60 seconds to heat up before use and it features an automatic shut off function to prevent overheating.

The device is 100% drip free so you do not have to worry about the water tank leaking while in use. Speaking of the water tank, it has a capacity of 200ml, which is more than enough to iron around five items of clothing in one session. The Wazdorf steamer can run for 15 minutes at one time and its miniature design makes it the perfect choice for travellers.


  • Garment and facial steamer
  • Heats up quickly
  • 100% drip free
  • Large water tank capacity
  • Comes with an 8ft long cable


  • Short cord length

Bottom line: The Wazdorf garment steamer is an advanced steamer that can be used both for clothing and facial treatments. It is safe and gentle on skin and fabrics and it is 100% leak free and safe to use.

6. Usha Techne Direct 1000-Watt Garment Steamer

The Usha Techne garment steamer has a steam output of 21g per minute and it allows for quick and efficient vertical streaming. It is very easy to use with a single push of a button. Its design is very simple as well, but it gets the job done. With a safety thermostat built into the device, the steamer has an automatic shut off feature.

Moreover, this garment steamer is a great option for travellers. Its tank has a capacity of 200ml, whereas the 360 degrees swivel cord can be twisted in all directions to easy movement and mobility during use.

Overall, this garment steamer will remove the wrinkles on your clothing and it won’t leave any residue. It also comes with a two years long warranty period in case of any issues with the device.


  • Powerful steam output
  • Two years warranty
  • Indicator lights
  • Simple and lightweight
  • Compatible for travellers


  • Performance of the product is not up to the mark

Bottom line: The Usha Techne Direct garment steamer is a very simple steamer model, but it gets the job done quite well. It does not have any special features other than the essentials – a good steam output and an automatic shut off.

7. Cello CLO_MP_GARSTR_WTPRPL 1000-Watt Garment Steamer

The Cello CLO garment steamer has the steam output of 21g/ min just like the previous model. However, it differs because it features a high quality pump and additional accessories for removing hair and lint from clothing. This steamer was designed for vertical steaming only.

It is quick to remove stains and even quicker to heat up once you press the start button. Besides the fast steam generation, this garment steamer has all the overheat protection features you need. Overall, it will get the job done better than expected. It comes with 1 year warranty on the product.


  • Powerful steam output
  • Hair and lint removal accessories included
  • Overheat protection
  • One year warranty
  • Fast steam generation


  • Little bit heavier to use
  • It may sometimes leave water on clothes

Bottom line: The Cello CLO handheld garment steamer is simple yet highly efficient when it comes to removing stubborn hair and wrinkles from clothing. It comes with additional hair removal accessories, along with a high quality pump for a more powerful stream.

8. Sokany 1200W Handheld Garment Steamer

Next up is the Sokany garment steamer with the power of 1200W. This model provides instant steam within 15 seconds of turning it on. It comes with a removable 260ml water tank and a rotating power cord for easier use.

This steamer is designed to provide wide steam coverage to ensure high performance and efficiency. With more coverage, you can steam items quickly and thus save time and energy.

The Sokany garment steamer also comes with a detachable cleaning wool brush and has a built in the stainless steel faceplate. Other accessories you will get with this steamer include a lint brush, a fabric brush, and a creaser. With three different accessories and powerful steam output, this device will allow you to remove wrinkles and freshen up clothing in a matter of seconds.


  • Instant steam within 15 minutes
  • Large water tank capacity
  • High performance and wide steam coverage
  • Three removable attachments included
  • Modern technology that kills 99% of bacteria on clothes


  • Steam flow is not much effective
  • May splash the water sometimes while ironing

Bottom line: After using the Sokany garment steamer, your clothes will look like you just picked them up from a professional garment cleaner. The high steam  performance and a variety of attachments are everything you need to remove wrinkles and give your clothing a fresh touch in a matter of seconds.

9. ORPIO (LABEL) Portable 1500W Handheld Garment Steamer

Next up is the ORPIO portable and handheld garment steamer with a large water tank capacity of 260ml and 1500w of power. This portable steamer is designed for high temperature ironing and sterilization of even the most sensitive fabrics. It can dissolve and remove stubborn stains such as oil, dirt, and mold on household items as well.

The ORPIO steamer comes with a brush attachment for more efficient cleaning, as it can be used for sterilizing household surfaces in addition to ironing clothing.

Speaking of which, this steamer leaves a remarkable ironing effect and it is very easy to use. It works well both with delicate and heavy garments, so you do not have to worry about ironing thick sweaters and similar clothing.


  • Large tank capacity
  • Versatile use
  • Works with all kinds of fabrics
  • Comes with a brush attachment
  • Outstanding ironing results


  • Quality of the product is not up to the mark

Bottom line: This is a highly versatile handheld garment steamer that can use to clean household surfaces and remove oil and dirt stains. When it comes to ironing, the ORPIO steamer will leave your clothes perfectly ironed without wrinkles or residues whatsoever.

10. Inalsa Garment Steamer

This Inalsa garment steamer is one of the least powerful options on our list. With the power of only 600w, this steamer has a lower steam output of 15g per minute.

It also has a lower tank capacity of 120ml. However, since it is so small in size and capacity, the Inalsa garment steamer is a great option for travellers who like to pack before the trip.

The steamer comes with a detachable brush and it has the automatic shut off feature for safety. Given that it is smaller and less powerful, this steamer will need a few more refills to be able to iron up to five to ten garments. However, it comes with a two years long warranty, which is a very positive factor.


  • Compact and lightweight
  • Two years long warranty
  • Quick to heat up
  • Automatic shut off feature
  • Fast ironing


  • Small water tank capacity
  • Low steam output

Bottom line: This is one of the smallest handheld garment steamers on our list and it is the best option for those who need something lightweight and compact. When it comes to ironing, the steamer can remove wrinkles efficiently, even though you might have to fill the tank up a bit more often than with the previous models.

Now comes the list of Best professional Garment steamers in India

11. Russell Hobbs MAXPRO 2000-Watt Professional Garment Steamer

The Russel Hobbs MaxPro steamer is a professional garment steamer with the power of 2000w. This is the first stand steamer model, which is not compact or portable. Instead, it is larger in size and it allows you to hang your clothing during the process of steaming.

This professional steamer has a water tank capacity of 2.5L and it takes only 45 seconds to heat up. This model comes with a suspension hanger and built-in power cord hooks for easier cord management.

What is great about this garment steamer is that it offers ten different fabric settings for different types of clothing. It is also very efficient when it comes to ironing thick fabrics. With two years of warranty and a large water tank, this garment steamer will surprise you with its functionality.


  • 2.5L water tank capacity
  • Heats up in 45 seconds
  • Does not overheat delicate clothing
  • 10 different fabric settings
  • Automatic shut off feature


  • No cons for this professional garment steamer

Bottom line: If you are looking for a standing model of a garment steamer, this Russell Hobbs steamer is a great option to consider. It will provide professional steaming results from the comfort of your home.

12. Rossmann Pressurized Heavy Duty Ultra Premium 2400 Watts Professional Garment Steamer

Next up is another heavy duty garment steamer, the premium Rossmann pressurized steamer with the stunning power of 2400w. If you are looking for the real players in the game, this is one of the best garment steamers of this kind. It features a big 2.5L tank and an adjustable double pole that allows you to adjust the height.

As an advanced steamer, this model features a digital LCD display, which is not something you often see on these types of devices. The Rossmann pressurized steamer also has a convenient self-cleaning function so it is easier to maintain than other standing steamer models.

It also comes with a fabric brush attachment for deeper cleaning of thicker garments, and an insulated glove for heat protection. With three levels of steam control, this garment steamer has all the features you will ever need to iron your clothes. It comes with a 1 year warranty.


  • Extremely powerful steam output
  • Self-cleaning function
  • Fabric brush and safety glove included
  • Digital control
  • LCD Display


  • So far, no cons for this one

Bottom line: For those who are looking for a more modern and tech-like solution, the Rossmann pressurized garment steamer will meet all your expectations. The steamer allows you to adjust the garment height, as well as control the output on three different levels.

13. Rowenta IS6300 Master Valet Full Size Garment and Fabric Steamer

Moving on, we have another powerful steamer from a popular brand Rowenta. This is a full size garment and fabric steamer with the power of 1550w. It features roll-and-press vertical support, which holds the garment in place while you perform the steaming. The built-in hanger with garment clips makes it easy to position the clothing the right way and thus get the best ironing results.

Moreover, this steamer has an extra large transparent water tank of a capacity of 2.39 Liters and a foot operated switch to make steaming easier while standing up. The adjustable telescopic pole can be pushed down completely to make the steamer easier to store away when not in use.


  • Full size garment steamer
  • Extra large water tank
  • Features a foot operated switch
  • The handle stays cool at all times
  • Built-in hanger has garment clips


  • The only cons of this excellent product is it can have more height of the stand.

Bottom line: This Rowenta garment steamer makes it easy to remove wrinkles from clothing without too much work. It keeps the garments in place while the powerful steam output gets the job done.

14. Philips EasyTouch plus Garment Steamer

Next up is another steamer by Philips featuring a power of 1600w and five different steam settings. This steamer has an extremely powerful output of up to 32g per minute, which is far more than most steamers on this list. With that said, its steam kills 99% of bacteria on any fabric or piece of clothing.

With a 25% larger steam plate, the Philips Easy touch steamer can cover more fabric surface at once, meaning it allows you to iron your clothing faster than with average steamers. The transparent water tank has a capacity of 1.6L. Moreover, the steamer comes with a support mat, an adjustable pole, trouser clips, a safety glove, and a convenient user manual.


  • Five different steam settings
  • Powerful steam output
  • Large steam plate
  • Adjustable pole
  • Support mat included


  • The holder of the steamer head is very delicate

Bottom line: The Philips EasyTouch garment steamer is a versatile choice for in-house clothes steaming. It has plenty of settings and adjustments to allow you to iron your clothes like a professional.

15. Havells Creazo 1800-Watt Garment Steam Iron

Last but not least, the Havells Creazo garment steam iron is one of the most advanced steamers on the market, featuring 6 speed controls for different types of fabrics.

The steam output of this model equals to 30g per minute to ensure extra smoothness and zero wrinkles after each session. The removable tank is easy to fill and has a capacity of 1.8L.

Moreover, this steamer features a 360 degree rotating hanger with clips so you can easily hang up your garments to ensure there are no wrinkles at the end of the process. The telescopic pole can be adjusted to meet the right height requirements for your needs.


  • Six different speed control
  • High steam output
  • Suitable for all sorts of fabric
  • Easily removable tank
  • Rotating hanger with garment clips


  • Takes littlebit more time to remove wrinkles and creases.

Bottom line: The Havells Creazo 1800w garment steamer is a highly professional steamer with versatile controls and a convenient hanger. It is easy to move thanks to rotary wheels and a rotating hanger, which allows you to get the best out of the steaming process.

How to Choose the Best Garment Steamer

if you are still not set on which garment steamer is the right choice for you, here is a list of factors you should keep in mind when looking through the products. These factors will help you get an idea of what the best garment steamer should possess.

Model Type

There are two types of garment steamers – handheld and stand models. Handheld garment steamers are compact and portable. They can be used on the go because of their compact size.

Stand models, on the other hand, are designed for use at home since they are larger and less portable. Handheld steamers are usually less powerful compared to stand models, as stand garment steamers have more water capacity and tend to leave more professional results. However, both models have their benefits and disadvantages.

Size and Weight

We have already established that the most significant difference in size is between handheld and stand steamer models.

When it comes to portable ones, these steamers are usually small enough to fit a suitcase, as they are designed for travellers and people on the go. Some models even have universal cap add-ons so you can attach any bottle to them and start steaming.

When it comes to stand models, you should look for the ones with an adjustable pole that can be lowered, so it is easier to put away when not in use.

Usage (Horizontal and Vertical)

Depending on their design, garment steamers can be used horizontally and vertically. Some steamers can be used in both ways, even though others might only be designed for one function.

If a steamer is strictly designed for vertical ironing, we recommend not trying to use it horizontally, as it can drip and dampen the clothing. Horizontal steamers are usually more efficient, as it is easier to remove wrinkles with steam if the clothes are hanging.

Steam Output

The higher the steam output, the more efficient the steamer is going to be at ironing and removing wrinkles. Handheld garment steamers usually have the steam output between 15 to 22 g per minute, whereas stand models have a higher output between 25 to 35 g per minute.

It all depends on the model of the steamer and the manufacturer. If you are aiming for higher steam output, look for stand models of garment steamers.

However, keep in mind that some of the higher quality handheld steamers can deliver the same professional-looking results as well.

Steam Settings

While handheld garment steamers do not often have many steam settings, the higher quality ones offer multiple features.

This allows you to adjust the steam type when working with different garment fabrics. With these settings, you can choose a gentle continuous steam function for lighter fabrics or a burst steam function for heavier garments. The more expensive garment steamers will allow six to ten different settings for all fabric types.

Steam Plate Size

The steam plate is the part of the steamer that releases the steam. The larger the steam plate, the more coverage the steamer is going to have. With larger coverage, you can steam garments more quickly and thus save both time and energy.

Steamers with small plate sizes can be tiring to use since you will have to run over the same garment multiple times over and over again. However, a bigger plate size ensures more efficiency and more powerful steaming results.

Temperature Settings

Cheaper and more affordable garment steamers have one function only to turn it on and start steaming.

However, more advanced models offer more luxurious features such as temperature settings. With these options, you can adjust the heating temperature based on the type of garment you are working with.

Thicker garments, especially jeans and similar materials, will require higher temperature steaming for best results. Moreover, high temperature kills bacteria, which is another benefit of steam ironing clothes.

Water Tank Capacity

Handheld garment steamers usually have the water tank capacity around 200ml.  This is enough to iron five to seven items of clothing with one refill.

The smaller the tank capacity, the more often you are going to have to add water while ironing. With small tanks of 70 to 150ml of capacity, the process of steaming can get tiring.

However, stand steamer models enormous tanks with up to 3L of capacity, which means you will rarely have to refill them during an ironing session.

Heat Uptime

The amount of time it takes a steamer to heat up can significantly impact the overall experience. After all, the last thing you want is to wait five to ten minutes for a steamer to be ready to go.

Most garment steamers on our list take three minutes or less to heat up. However, the best garment steamers in India will heat up in under 60 seconds. So, you can start ironing clothes right away. Even though this might not be so important for everyone, the faster the steamer heats up, the more convenient it is for those who wish to use it on a daily basis.

Suitable for a Wide Range of Fabrics

Not all garment steamers can be used on all types of fabrics. In order to avoid damage and get decent ironing results, you have to check whether the steamer is suitable for the type of fabrics you are working with.

Most steamers will do a great job of removing wrinkles out of soft fabrics. However, if you are dealing with sweaters, jeans, and similar thicker garments, make sure the steamer is powerful enough to handle the situation.

Power Supply and Consumption

While steamers generally do not consume a lot of power, some of the more advanced models are more energy efficient.

If you opt for a steamer with a higher energy rating, you will save both money and electricity on each ironing session. Handheld garment steamers consume less power than stand models since they are smaller and less powerful.

Auto Shut-off Function

It is important for a garment steamer to have an auto-shutoff function for safety reasons. This function turns the steamer off if it starts overheating or if the tank gets empty. That way, it prevents potential electrical issues and ensures safety for the user. Make sure to choose a garment steamer that has this heating protection feature.

Easy Handling

Most handheld steamers are very easy to use since they are lightweight and ergonomically designed.

Stand models, on the other hand, can be a bit more challenging. To make sure the standing garment steamer is easy to handle, check whether it has an adjustable pole and a rotating hanger where you can put the garments up for steaming.

Detachable Brush

Some steamers come with detachable brushes, which can be used to clean the garments in addition to steaming. A brush can help remove hair and lint from clothing and thus provide a cleaner and more polished look.

LED Indicators

Even though this is not the most crucial feature to consider, it is very convenient to have LED indicators present to inform you when the steamer is running.

Most LED indicators will also let you know if the tank is near empty so you can  refill it in time. Some of the higher quality and more expensive steamers also feature LED displays with more information.


We have already mentioned detachable brushes as the most common attachment that comes along with garment steamers. However, the some of the steamers offer a variety of other attachments too, including safety gloves for heat protection, different types of brushes, support mats, and similar items.

While this does not have to determine your purchase, it is good to know that a steamer comes with many additional items included in the price.


Cleaning and maintaining small handheld garment steamers are quite simple. The challenge is to clean the large standing models with enormous tanks. Some of the technologically advanced steamers have self-cleaning functions that prevent damage over time and thus make maintenance easier.


Naturally, your budget is going to affect the final decision when making any kind of purchase. However, you should think about your financial choice more carefully when purchasing garment steamers.

If you are in need of such a device, it is recommended to invest in a higher quality solution that will last a long time instead of opting for the cheapest option that won’t provide satisfactory results. The handheld garment steamers are more affordable than the standing models, even though the price specifically depends on the product and manufacturer.


Lastly, do not forget to check whether the garment steamer you are interested in is covered with a warranty period. Most manufacturers provide warranties of up to one year.

Some of them have even extended this period to two or more years. Either way, you will want to have some sort of coverage to make sure your expenses will be covered in case you need to fix or replace the device in the first few months of usage.


Once you read through the list of best garment steamers and all the factors that should be kept in mind when buying a garment steamer, you will be ready to purchase the best product for your money. A long-lasting handheld garment steamer will make ironing easier than ever.

It works quickly with a single push of a button so you do not have to spend hours ironing clothes ever again. Whether you are looking for a garment steamer for home use or for travel, our list of 15 top products has every option you need to look at!

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