Split AC vs Window AC: Which is Best? What are their Differences?

People have been debating over split AC vs Window AC for years. While both types of units do the same job, there are some significant differences that make one better than the other. The question is, which type of AC is better for your home?

Split ACs might be the more modern option from an appearance point of view, although window ACs are less costly in terms of maintenance and initial price. However, they will not be suitable for large rooms or spaces without windows. Therefore, one must be careful when choosing between window AC vs split AC.

In this guide, we are going to compare the price, power consumption, and cooling power of these two types of air conditioners.

Split AC vs Window AC

Split AC and Window AC – Pros and Cons

Window AC

Window ACs are compact units that need to be installed in a window space. So sure you need to have a window area to install it. If you don’t have an exact space to install, sure you need to get it fixed before you buy one

Unlike a split AC where you will get an indoor unit and outdoor unit, these AC’s comes in a single unit.

The main benefit of window AC’s is it cost much than a split ac as well as to install and maintain. But their cooling capacity with respect to the entire room is a bit less, especially due to their poor air circulation. They are also much noisier compared to split ACs. However new models of window AC’s are a bit quite.


  • Low cost
  • Higher energy efficiency
  • Easy to install and maintain


  • Doesn’t look modern
  • Not suitable for large rooms
  • The window area will be hard to utilize once after installation
  • Bit noisy when compared to split AC

Split AC

The split AC, on the other hand, consists of two units – one mounted on the wall inside the room and one mounted outdoors. These units don’t require any specific window area to be installed and they are considered a more modern solution.

Even though they have a higher power consumption rate, split ACs are more powerful and capable of cooling large spaces and also better air circulation. They are also more quiet compared to units that operate against a window


  • Quiet operation
  • More security for the unit
  • Higher air circulation cooling capacity
  • More advanced cooling features


  • Higher power consumption
  • Higher initial costs
  • Costly repairs and maintenance

Split AC vs Window AC- The Main Differences


We will start the comparison between these two units with the most obvious factor – the design. Split ACs and window ACs primarily differ in their designs because the split AC consists of two units, whereas the window AC only has one unit. With that in mind, their installation processes are completely different.

It is important to emphasize that the window on which you install a window AC will no longer be functional, so if you opt for this type of air conditioner, be ready to sacrifice one of the windows in your house.


Split ACs are considered a more modern type of unit because of their appearance. While, window ACs considered as old school type, although this should not stop you from buying one in case you need an air conditioner of that size and capacity. Besides, the look of the unit itself is going to depend on the quality of materials and the manufacturer behind the product.

Space Required

Window ACs require less space because they consist of a single unit. Split ACs, on the other hand, will take up space on both the indoor and outdoor wall. However, if you care about interior design, split ACs might be a more preferable model because they won’t occupy your window space and you will still be able to open all windows in the room.

Another reason, most of the apartment flats are constructed with long vertical window spaces rather than horizontal one which can be difficult to install a window ac. But with a split AC, you can install the outdoor unit at any location until you have enough wiring and piping connected to it. 


As always, the cooling of an AC unit depends on its capacity like 1 ton or 1.5 ton and also the quality. However, split AC units have a higher cooling effect mainly due to their better air circulation capacity.

Another factor is that the outdoor unit and the heating components of split AC are mostly installed away from the indoor unit. This results in proper ventilation and heat dissipation leading to less load on the compressor.

Another advantage is that split ac are usually mounted on the walls hence they can cover a higher degree of area and cool every corner of the room. This does not mean that window ACs are inefficient, they are simply best for smaller rooms. Therefore, you should base your purchase on the size of the room that needs cooling to ensure the best efficiency and energy consumption.

In general, most of the 1.5 ton AC’s whether it is a Split model or Window model can efficiently provide cooling for a room size of approx.150-200 sq ft. But, the difference lays in the time it takes to cool the room.

Power Consumption

Speaking of energy, it is important to compare split AC vs Window AC power consumption. The energy consumption of the unit depends on several factors. Usually both the types are AC’s cosnume more or less the same amount of power.

However, while buying its really good to choose the ones that have inverter technology and also the one with energy-saving features, energy star ratings that helps you to save money on your electricity bills in a long run.


Split AC units are far more expensive than window ACs. After all, they are larger and more advanced, as well as feature a higher cooling power for larger rooms.

The price difference between these two is quite big – split ACs cost nearly double the price of window units. While the exact price is going to depend on the product and the manufacturer.

Keep in mind that window ACs do not require additional installation costs and their maintenance fees are very low, which makes them a more economical option. However, do not base your purchase on the price, as you can end up with the wrong kind of unit for your home. Always base it on the room size and cooling capacity that is required.

Noise Levels

If high noise levels are a problem for you, you will have to rethink your window AC purchase. These units are noisier compared to split ACs. Besides, the split AC unit that produces noise is located outdoors so it won’t matter in interior spaces.

Therefore, if you are looking for an air conditioner for an office space or a bedroom, you might want to go with the quieter split AC to avoid noise disturbance.


Both split AC and window AC units require cleaning from time to time. This is done to ensure that there is no dust building up inside the unit that could compromise its performance. The cleaning procedure should be done with care so you don’t damage any of the components. Look up window AC or split AC cleaning tutorials if you wish to do it yourself.

Installation and Shifting

When it comes to split AC vs window AC installation, window units are much easier to put in place. Therefore, their installation is going to cost less compared to the split AC installation. Since window ACs consists of one single unit, they are easier and less costly to install. However, keep in mind that you will not be able to shift the AC from one window to another.

Split ACs can be shifted from one wall to another in case you need to move them for appearance or interior design reasons. However, sometimes it can be a difficult task where you need to take care of ducting and wiring works.

Repair and Maintenance

Lastly, we must compare the maintenance and repair aspect of the two AC types. Window ACs typically require less maintenance because they consist of compact parts. They don’t break down as often as split ACs that contain more complex technologies.

But keep in mind window ac spare parts can sometimes be hard to find and sometimes they were costly too due to less demand and production. Also, the dust and debris can block the outside panel of a window ac thus, blocking air passage which results in warm air or sometimes unpleasant smell.

Split AC on other hand need more specialized maintenance when compared to window ac, however, one advantage that split ac’s have is they are bit easy to repair and maintained due to the fact, availability of service centers, advanced features they come with and not to forget they are the most popular type of AC’s and their spare parts are also readily available in market.  

Final Words

If you are still wondering which option is the best choice for you, compare the split AC vs window AC pros and cons we listed above. These will help you decide which type of air conditioner unit is the best fit for your home. Keep in mind that window ACs are suitable for small rooms so do not expect them to operate well in spacious environments.

If you are looking to cut the costs, window ACs are the better choice, as long as the room that needs cooling is not larger than 120 square feet. The specific size and cooling capacity will depend on the model so make sure to pay attention to details when purchasing an air conditioner.

Overall, there is no telling which unit wins the battle between split ACs and window ACs. Both types of air conditioners come with their pros and cons so you have to consider your needs and requirements before making the final purchase.

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