Best Instant Water Heaters (Geysers) in India 2020

Taking a hot water bath in winter and raining season can really give a pleasant experience and also keeps you refreshed. However, boiling the hot water on a gas stove or by immersion rods could be a tiresome process. It becomes a hectic task if you want to boil the water for a family of 3 or 4, Also its time consuming. So, getting a geyser is a perfect solution to solve this problem. With the best instant water heaters in India, you can simply get a bucket of hot water in minutes for enjoying a refreshing bath.

These instant geysers work quickly and efficiently to save your time and energy. In this article, we are going to focus on the best tankless water heater options for your household. Our list of reviews includes the finest 3-litre instant water heaters on the market, as well as a detailed description of their features and benefits.

Take a look at the list below to find the best instant water heater for your home.

Best instant water heaters

Best Instant Water Heaters In India (Geysers)

Crompton Bliss 3-Litre Instant Water Heater

We will start off our list of the best instant water heaters in India with the Crompton Bliss three litre instant geyser. This quick heater has a multi-functional safety valve for additional safety during use.

Thanks to its vertical design, the heater is suitable for large wall spaces, although it will not take up too much room. The highest pressure limit on this geyser is 6.5 bar. Besides the advanced four level safety mechanism, this geyser has an impressive stainless steel weldless tank. 

The weldless tank ensures a longer life without corrosion, whereas the ABS body prevents rusting on the exterior of the unit.

This Crompton Bliss heater uses 3000 watts of power and comes with a warranty period of two years. Crompton is a reputable brand that has been around for over 20 years, which can assure you that their products are high in quality. Their three-litre instant heater also features LED indicators, anti-siphon protection, and a copper heating element.


  • 6.5 bar pressure
  • Stainless steel weldless tank
  • Four level safety system
  • LED indicators
  • ABS body
  • Anti-siphon protection

Bottom line:

The Crompton Bliss three litre water heater is a great option for those who are looking for a water heater that is quick, efficient as well as a durable one. Also, It has a quick heating element and a great safety system for safe use.

Bajaj Flora Instant 3 Litre Vertical Water Heater

Next up is the Bajaj Flora instant three litre heater with a higher pressure limit of 8 bars. This heater uses 3000 watts of power, just like the previous unit on the list. It comes with a warranty period of two years and features a similar ABS body that is shock resistant and fully rust-free.

The fact that this unit can handle such high pressure makes it one of the best instant geyser options for high rise buildings where the water pressure is higher than average. 

The unit features multiple safety systems for protection against unwanted situations such as overheating, dry heating, and overpressure.

Moreover, this Bajaj Flora heater is fully free of rust and corrosion and it has a neon light indicator that will let you know when the unit is ready for use. This model is available in one litre and three litre variants so you can choose which option fits your needs best.


  • ABS rust free body
  • Fully corrosion resistant 
  • Neon indicator
  • Fire retardant cable
  • Efficient heating
  • ISI approved

Bottom line:

The Bajaj Flora is an Indian made water geyser that has all the features you look when buying a geyser. It heats up water quickly and has plenty of safety features for protection.

Havells Instanio 3-Litre Instant Geyser

The Havells Instanio three litre geyser also uses 3000 watts of power and heats up water with superior speed. The unit features a smart LED indicator that changes color from blue to amber to let you know the hotness of water.

The smart feature is what makes the Havells Instanio unit stand out in terms of appearance and functionality. Moreover, the unit features a shock proof and rust resistant ABS body and a stainless steel inner tank.

With high quality materials and the best heating technology, the Havells Instanio water geyser is one of the best three litre instant geyser units on the market. It is ISI certified for maximum safety as it also features a fire-retardant cord.

When it comes to warranty, the product is covered for two years, whereas the condenser gets extra five years of warranty coverage.


  • LED indicator
  • Quick and efficient heating 
  • Fire retardant cord
  • ISI certified
  • Stainless steel inner tank
  • ABS body

Bottom line:

Havells is known for high quality electronic equipment and this instant geyser is no exception. It heats the water up quickly and indicates the hotness using a smart LED lighting system. Not to forget it is an ISI certified product.

Racold Pronto Neo 3 Litres 3KW Instant Water Heater

Next up is the Racold Pronto three litre model with good pressure resistance. This water heater is suitable for high rise buildings and high pressure pump applications. It comes with a great warranty of two years on the product, two years on the heating element, and an additional five years on the tank.

The unit features unique Italian technology fully crafted in India. It combines great style with best heating technology to ensure optimal results for each use.

The high power heating element ensures faster than average heating, while the automatic cut off system adds to the safety of the device. Speaking of safety, the unit is fully protected against the backflow of water with its anti-siphoning mechanism and other common issues related to instant geysers.

The unit features three levels of safety against high pressure and overheating. Its highest pressure limit is 6 bar. In addition, this water heater is also available in 4.5 KW for quick heating results.


  • High pressure resistance
  • Three levels of safety
  • Automatic cut off system
  • No backflow of water
  • Precise thermostat

Bottom line:

The Racold Pronto water geyser will surprise you with the speed at which it can heat up water. As one of the best instant water heaters, it also has a very reasonable price and extra safety features.

Crompton Rapid Jet 3LTR (3KW) Instant Water Heater

Next up is another Crompton Rapid water heater, this time the Jet 3LTR model with a high grade SS tank. The tank protects the unit from corrosion and ensures a longer life.

The heater is also ISI marked for great safety, with its precision thermostat and preset thermal cut-out it prevents the overheating of the appliance. The ABS body is fully rust proof to ensure your heater looks as good as new even after years of use.

Besides the four advanced levels of safety, the unit features a powerful 3000 w heating element to provide quick hot within no time. Also, the durable weldless tank will reduce the chances of tank leakage ensuring longer life of product.

Overall, this geyser might look very simple in its design but its functionality is what makes it one of the best instant water heaters in India. The unit also has LED indicators that will let you know when the water is ready for use. Overall, the product offers a lot of value for the money considering all the advanced safety features included in its design.


  • Four level advanced safety system
  • Powerful heating element
  • Single weld line reduces the chances of tank leakage
  • High grade SS tank
  • ABS rust free body
  • LED indicators

Bottom line:

The Crompton Rapid Jet heater will provide hot water on demand for years after purchase. This is a long lasting high quality unit designed for up to 6.5 bar of pressure.

Havells Opal 3-Litre Instant Heater

Here is another Havells three litre instant heater with a stainless steel tank and the power consumption of 3000 watts. Unlike any of the heaters we have mentioned so far, this unit has a unique oval design that takes even less space yet provides the same three litre capacity. The tank features a high quality fero glass coating for extra protection, as well as a single weld line design for durability.

Thanks to high density PUF insulations, this unit is one of the best energy saving instant geysers on our list. The incoloy heating element transfers heat quickly and efficiently in order to save time and money.

The high quality stainless steel tank is expected to last for years and, since the manufacturer provide a total of seven years for a warranty period in which 5 years is on inner container, 2 years comprehensive.


  • 3000 watts power consumption
  • Stainless steel tank
  • Unique round design
  • Single weld line design
  • Fero glass coating
  • Incoloy heating element for extra power

Bottom line:

If you are looking for a unique design that fits nicely in your bathroom at the same time works efficiently, the havells opal is a good option to consider.

Crompton Solarium Vogue 3LTR(3KW) Instant Water Heater

The next option on our list is the Crompton Solarium Vogue three litre instant water heater that comes with a four level safety. This heater also has a high grade SS tank that is fully free from corrosion, as well as a rust free body for durability.

The maximum pressure level for this unit is 6.5 bar. It features an advanced safety system that prevents overheating and a list of other unwanted incidents.

Most importantly, the unit has a very powerful heating element that will not make you wait hours for your water to heat up. The weldless tank is fully corrosion free and features a nice and clean design. Besides overheat safety and a high precision thermostat, the unit also features a smart LED indicator for easier use and control of the heated water.


  • Weldless high grade SS tank
  • Smart LED indicator
  • Overheat safety
  • Advanced four level safety system
  • Powerful heating element
  • 6.5 bar pressure

Bottom line:

Even though this unit has most of the features of all other units on our list have, one thing that makes it stand out is the Crompton durability and safety of their products. Also not to forget its contemporary design gives a modern touch to your bathroom.

Morphy Richards Quente 3-Litre Instant Water Heater

Morphy Richards is a well-known brand that provides high quality and long lasting household products. This instant geyser from Morphy Richards comes with a power consumption of 3000 watts and a pressure limit of 6.5 bar.

This 3- litre geyser is also available in specifications of 4.5 Kw that comes with 8 bar pressure resistance.

The superior heating element makes this geyser extra durable and likely to last for decades to come. The unit features a unique prismatic design that provides enough balance in size and compatibility.

Moreover, the Morphy Richards instant water geyser has a rust proof ABS body and a highly efficient safety mechanism. In all honesty, this unit has much of the same features as all other units on our list. However, it is made by one of the more popular brands on the market, which gives it a pricing advantage and a better reputation.

Overall, the unit is considered quick to heat up, safe, and long lasting and is also available in 1 litre capacity and 4.5 Kw too.


  • High efficiency
  • 6.5 bar pressure
  • Superior heating element
  • Prismatic design
  • Rust proof ABS body
  • Popular brand
  • Indicator light

Bottom line:

The Morphy Richards instant water geyser is a superior heating unit that provides hot water on demand with ease and high efficiency. The unit also comes with a decent price tag apart from its high quality and material durability.

Orient Electric Aura Neo Instant 3L Vertical Water Heater

Next up is the Orient Electric Aura Neo instant water heater with the capacity of three litres. The unit comes with a great warranty period of five years on the tank, two years on the heating element, and two years on the overall product.

Speaking of the tank, the one on this heater is made of high grade stainless steel for extra strength and durability. The heavy copper heating element features nickel coating that adds to the corrosion resistance. 

Moreover, the unit has great safety features such as a pressure release valve and an anti-siphon valve. It also allows for extra variable pressure compatibility, which makes it a great option for high rise buildings or areas where water pressure is not stable.

The rust free ABS shock proof body is easy to clean. Moreover, the unit has LED indicators and features a stylish design on top of all the great tech inside.


  • ABS shock proof body
  • Great warranty period 
  • Unique safety features
  • Pressure up to 6.5 bar
  • LED indicators 

Bottom line: 

To sum it up all, this Orient Electric instant water heater has a heavy copper heating element with nickel coating for higher efficiency, and other great features like shock proof body, and glass wool insulations add up to the list.

VGuard water Heater Iris 3 Litre for Bathroom and Kitchen

Last but not least, the final item on our list is the VGuard water heater with the same capacity of three litres and a bar pressure limit of 6.5. The unit features a long lasting and rust free body, along with a pressure control valve which makes it suitable for multi-story buildings with high water pressure.

The body of the unit is made of engineered polymer material for extra durability, whereas the inside of the tank is made of high quality stainless steel.

Moreover, the product comes with a warranty of five years on the inner tank and two years on the overall product. Besides providing a great water supply, the unit has an advanced Iris sturdy heating element for faster and more reliable heating at maximum safety. The VGuard water geyser is simple and easy to use right after installation.


  • Long lasting stainless steel tank with ABS body
  • 6.5 bar pressure
  • Great water supply
  • Powerful heating element
  • Durable and long lasting

Bottom line:

This is one of the best three litre instant geyser units on the market thanks to its simplicity yet highly reliable features and materials.

Which is Better: A 3 Litre or 1 Litre Instant Water Heater? 

Even though it sounds like there is not much difference between 3 litres or 1-litre capacity, three-litre geysers are much better as it provides a good amount of hot water for bathing.

Coming to the 1-litre instant water heater they produce a little amount of hot water in a single go, which cannot be completely sufficient for a total batting experience especially if you like longer baths.

So in such a case, you may need to turn on the tap with a slightly smaller flow for filling up the bucket. But in case of a 3-litre water heater, it fills a bucket very fast with much more hot water.

These water heaters are designed to save space in your bathroom so they do not have massive dimensions or large tank attachments. That is what makes instant water heaters such a convenient and cost-effective solution.

Also, not to forget instant water heaters are well suited for individuals or for a family of  2 or 3. If you have a larger family size or if you want to utilize hot water for washing or kitchen, then an instant water heater may not fulfill all of your requirements. In such a case you may need to look at better options like storage water heaters.

Final Words

Our list includes some of the finest tankless geysers available online, suitable both for hard water and high pressure conditions. Now it is up to you to decide which product suits your needs and budget the best.

Three-litre tankless heaters are quite cost effective, although the specific costs will depend on the product and the brand behind it. 

Some of the more popular brands such as Crompton, Havells, might have a little bit higher price tag, although the quality of their products makes up for the investment. So, choose the best instant water heaters that meet the requirements of your home.

If you have any questions regarding choosing instant water heaters feel free to check out our related article or just comment below. We would be happy to guide you to make the right decision.

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