Top 10 Best TDS Meters in India 2020 | To Test your Drinking Water

TDS meters are convenient water testing tools that will help you determine whether the drinking water in your home is safe to drink or not. In this article, we are going to cover the basics about TDS meters, as well as go in-depth on how these devices work and why you need one. Most importantly, we will help you find the best TDS meter in India so you can check the water quality in your home.

These small handheld devices measure Total Dissolved Solids in water or simply called TDS. The amount of dissolved compounds determines the overall quality of water and whether it is safe for consumption or not. Water in some areas of the country might have higher TDS levels than in other areas. With that said, direct water is not always safe to drink in every location. With the best TDS meter for drinking water, you will be able to determine whether water quality is up to the standards.

Best TDS merers in India

List of Best TDS Meters In India 

1. Konvio Neer Imported TDS Meter for RO Water Testing

We will start off with the Konvio TDS meter featuring an LCD digital display and a carry case. This water quality meter has a temperature function that can be activated at any time during the measurement. This meter can be used in any type of liquid to measure the total dissolved solids amount.

This device is very easy to use, thanks to a simple interface with only a few buttons. Just press the button to turn on the temperature measuring mode or to switch back to the regular TDS mode. 


  • Digital LCD display
  • Convenient temperature measuring mode
  • Automatic shut off function
  • Multipurpose meter for reliable reading

Bottom line

Overall, this is one of the best TDS meters in India because it has all the features you need to measure the quality of water and filters. It has a safety automatic shut off feature, temperature mode, and the regular TDS mode with clear readings on a digital display.

2. Generic Digital LCD TDS Meter Waterfilter Tester for Measuring TDS3/TEMP/PPM

Next up is the Generic water filter tester with a digital display that will accurately test the purity of your water. This is a multipurpose tester for TDS, TEMP, and PPM measurements. It can be used both in water purifiers and filters, along with food such as fruits and vegetables. However, it is most commonly used for testing water quality.

This meter also has a hold function that memorizes the last reading, as well as a built-in digital thermometer. Even though it is pre-calibrated, the meter might need recalibration from time to time. The meter also comes with a carrying case that protects the heavy duty plastic from damage and outdoor elements.


  • Made of durable heavy duty plastic
  • Digital display for clear readings
  • Multipurpose use
  • Lightweight and easy to use

Bottom line

This Generic water filter tester provides accurate readings of TDS and water temperature. Besides drinking water, it can be used in foods such as veggies and fruits, which makes it a more versatile model compared to other meters on our list. Overall, the meter is easy to use and it will last for years as long as you maintain it properly.

3. MoreBlue Pre-Calibrated Pen Type TDS Meter Tester

The MoreBlue pen type TDS meter is pre-calibrated and ready to use right out of the box. This meter allows you to quickly measure drinking water quality as soon as you unpack it. Its TDS measurement ranges from 0 to 990PPM with the accuracy of +/- 2%, which is the ideal accuracy for TDS meters. The meter accurately shows the levels of inorganic and organic salts and matter in various liquid types.

This device is suitable both for home and professional use thanks to its high quality and durable materials. Besides drinking water, this meter can measure the TDS of aquariums, pools, and other liquids. 


  • Pre-Calibrated device 
  • Pen type TDS meter that is very easy to use
  • Accurate and quick readings
  • Suitable for different types of liquids

Bottom line

The MoreBlue TDS meter is used by professionals and amateurs to measure TDS levels in pools, aquariums, and drinking water. If you are looking for the best TDS meter for drinking water, this model is a great option to consider since it comes pre-calibrated and it is very easy to use.

4. StarMart Tds Meter for ro Water Testing Meter

Next up is the StarMart TDS meter with a digital LCD reader for easier water testing. This tester features a micron rating of 0.3, along with a convenient temperature measurement feature. The built-in digital thermometer provides spot on temperature readings at the push of a button.

In order to switch between the temperature and TDS modes, simply press the “temp” button again and it will be good to go. Keep in mind that this meter is not fully waterproof, which means you should never fully submerge it into water not more than 2 inches.


  • Digital LCD reader
  • Micron rating of 0.3
  • Versatile use for different filters and water solutions
  • Temperature mode for measuring liquids 

Bottom line

The StarMart TDS meter is one of the best TDS meters for water testing because of its durable structure and simple working system. All you have to do is submerge the tip of the meter into the water and wait for a quick and accurate reading to be displayed on the screen. Even though it is not fully waterproof, the meter is highly durable and long lasting.

5. Generic Digital TDS Meter

This is another Generic TDS meter model similar to the ones we already mentioned. However, unlike other models, this meter has an extremely large measurement range from 0 to 5000PPM. This is far above average, which makes this digital meter one of the best options on the market. If you are concerned that the liquid you are testing has an extremely high TDS level, you might need a meter with a wider range such as this one.

Unlike others, this model is also completely water resistant thanks to a fully waterproof housing. However, you should not submerge the meter entirely into water since it is not necessary to complete the measurement process. 


  • Extremely wide measurement range from 0 to 5000PPM
  • Automatic temperature compensation feature
  • Water resistant housing
  • Great quality and user interface

Bottom line

This Generic TDS meter model goes far beyond average when it comes to features and settings. It has the largest measurement range up to 5000PPM. On top of that, the meter is suitable for measuring TDS in all sorts of liquids so you can know exactly when you need to change the water filters.


Next up is the HM digital TDS meter featuring a plain and simple white design. This is the second TDS meter on our list with a wide measurement range of up to 5000PPM. Just like the previous model, the HM Digital meter can measure both TDS and ATC or automatic temperature compensation.

When it comes to quality, this model is quite average in terms of durability and lifespan. Overall, it is very easy to use without any complex features or settings. Most importantly, its readings are highly accurate, which is all you need to test drinking water.


  • Simple and plain design that is very easy to use
  • Wide measurement range up to 5000PPM
  • Measures TDS and ATC
  • No complex settings or complicated features

Bottom line

Altogether, this HM digital TDS meter model is quite similar to the Generic meter we reviewed above. It features the same wide range of up to 5000 PPM and the same automatic temperature compensation feature. In terms of build quality and other features, this model is quite plain and simple – there are no complicated features or settings to worry about.

7. Nexqua Tds Meter for ro Water Testing Meter

Our next choice for the best TDS meter in India is the Nexqua meter for accurate water testing. This meter features a modern digital LCD display that shows TDS, TEMP, and PPM measurements. The meter comes with a safety carry case and a six month warranty period. The temperature measurement feature can be turned on at any time during the measurement process.

This tester can efficiently evaluate the quality of water filters and purifiers. However, its housing is not fully waterproof so make sure not to submerge it completely into water. Overall, the Nexqua TDS meter provides good performance and accurate readings within two to three seconds. 


  • Digital LCD display
  • 6 months warranty and carry case included
  • Gives quick and accurate readings
  • Durable structure and reliable performance

Bottom line

Overall, the Nexqua TDS meter is a decent quality TDS tester with a temperature feature and fast readings. This versatile tester can measure temperature and TDS levels within 2 to 3 seconds. However, it is not fully waterproof and it should be kept away from direct sunlight.

8. Ionix Imported tds Meter for ro Water Testing

The Ionix imported TDS meter comes with a durable protective case and it provides 90% accuracy on all readings. The meter has a built-in digital LCD display and a temperature feature. What’s great about this meter is that it can measure temperature both in celsius and fahrenheit. Most other TDS meters only show temperature in Celsius units.

Besides this advantage, the Ionix imported TDS meter monitors water regularity with high accuracy. It is easy to use and genuinely high quality. However, make sure not to tamper with the housing, as it can easily get damaged when opened.


  • Includes a carrying case for protection
  • 90% accuracy
  • Built-in temperature feature
  • Digital LCD display with easy-to-read information

Bottom line

Overall, the Ionix TDS meter has all the features you should be looking for in the best TDS meter for drinking water. The device will get the job done well and provide highly accurate results within a few seconds. As long as you don’t open the housing section, the device should function properly for years.

9. Hi-Tech Tds Meter for RO Water Testing

Next up is the Hi-Tech TDS water testing meter with all the necessary features including a digital LCD display and a temperature measuring feature. Moreover, this meter also has an automatic shut off function, which turns the device off ten minutes after the last use. This feature will make the device last longer as it will preserve its power and prevent malfunctions.

Moreover, this TDS meter has a few additional features including a low battery indicator and a data hold function. Overall, the built-in LCD display is easy to read thanks to a user friendly layout and interface. 


  • Digital LCD display for easier reading
  • Additional functions such as auto shut off, data hold function, and low battery indicator
  • Simultaneous temperature reading
  • Comes with a carry case

Bottom line

As one of the best TDS meters in India, this model provides a variety of features you won’t find in every device. Namely, this TDS meter shuts off automatically after each use and it allows you to read TDS levels and temperature simultaneously. Overall, this TDS meter model is one of the more advanced options on our list. If you are looking for extra features, this is a great option to consider.

10. Yuv’S Tds Meter/Digital Tds Meter

The Yuv’S digital TDS meter provides efficient and correct water quality readings and TDS levels. Besides plain TDS readings, this meter provides more details about minerals and other solid components in water. Therefore, if you are looking for more detailed readings, this is a great model to consider. It measures TDS with good accuracy and it is generally very easy to use. With instant results, you can easily check the quality of drinking water or your water filtration system. 


  • Temperature and TDS readings
  • Tests water and filters instantly
  • Comes with a carry case
  • Provides detailed results about all solid components

Bottom line

Overall, the Yuv’s digital meter offers instant and detailed results for a variety of liquid solutions. It can efficiently test water purifiers and drinking water to determine whether it contains a normal amount of TDS. The meter comes with a carrying case for security when not in use.

TDS Meter- How Does It Work?

A TDS meter is a small device used to measure the level of total dissolved solids in drinking water. More specifically, these devices measure the conductivity of water, which is determined by the level of ionized solids such as salts and minerals in the solution. High TDS readings indicate that the water in your area is hard and potentially harmful for health.  

How to Use a TDS Meter?

TDS meters are usually very easy to use. All you have to do is remove the cover from the tip of the meter and submerge it one inch into a glass of water you want to test. Do not submerge the entire device into water, as this will cause irreparable damage.

Once the testing is complete, the meter is going to display the number of TDS in parts per million or PPM for short. Once finished, turn the device off and dry any water residue. 

When do you Need it?

In case you noticed that the tap water in your home has a weird taste or color, you will need a TDS meter to determine whether that water is safe to drink or not. Measuring TDS will also help you determine whether you need to set up a water filtration system to ensure you are consuming healthy water.

What are the Acceptable Levels of TDS in Drinking Water

The acceptable range of TDS in drinking water coming from a home tap is upto 500ppm, as stated by the Bureau of Indian Standards or BIS.

The World Health Organization, on the other hand, recommends that the TDS range as follows:  Less than 300mg/l excellent, in between 300-600mg/l as good, 600-900 as fair, 900-1200 as poor and beyond 1200 is unacceptable.

A TDS meter will help you determine which category your drinking water falls into. However, keep in mind that TDS levels over 1200ppm are less acceptable and that such water should not be consumed. 

How to Take Care of the TDS Meter

TDS meters are usually resistant to harmful chemicals that can be found in water and similar solutions. However, that does not mean you should completely neglect the maintenance of the device.

In fact, there are a few things you should remember to make sure your TDS reader lasts longer and gives out correct readings

For starters, make sure to dry the device completely after each use using a dry towel or a cloth.

Once completely dry, put the cap back on the measuring tip to avoid moisture and damage. Repeat this process each time you finish using the meter to avoid malfunction and inaccurate results

Three important Precautions you should know while using a TDS meter

Never try to dip the TDS meter into the solution more than recommended levels, you can get accurate readings by just dipping 1-2 inches of solution or the recommend level suggested by the product.

Avoid dipping the TDS meter in High temperature solutions as it will cause damage to the probe and may lead to irreparable damage

Do not expose the TDS meter to High temperatures or direct sun light and finally do not try to open the housing or repair the electronics of the product by yourself as it may result in malfunctioning.

Best TDS Meter Brands in India

While there are plenty of TDS meters you can purchase online it is always suggested to go with the reputed manufactures which are known to have good standards and unique features. Here are some of the best TDS meter brands available in India.

  • HM Digital
  • Generic
  • Konvio
  • Wellon

Points to Consider Before Buying a TDS Meter

Here are some of the most important points to keep in mind when buying a TDS meter:


Most high quality TDS meters are extremely accurate when it comes to reading the total dissolved solids levels in water. However, if you want more specific accuracy in terms of other measurements and water temperature, you will have to look for a more advanced TDS meter. 

TDS Range 

TDS range is often used to determine the accuracy of a TDS measuring device. The average accuracy statement for most TDS meters is ± 2% f.s., with a range of 999 ppm TDS. All TDS measurements with this range are said to be highly accurate and efficient when testing drinking water.


Forgetting to turn the device off after use can lead to damage and unwanted consequences. However, if you choose the best TDS meter with an automatic shut off function, you won’t have to worry about this. Thanks to this feature, the device will shut off automatically a few minutes after use. 

Temperature Measurement

Advanced TDS meters offer extra features such as a temperature measurement function, which allows you to measure the temperature of water. Even though this metric is not as important as TDS level when it comes to determining the quality of water, it is good to know the temperature while you are at it.

Digital Display

Look for TDS meters with high quality digital displays to make sure the readings are easily accessible. The last thing you want is a meter with a small and confusing display that makes measurements too difficult to see. Digital displays are the best solution as they are most responsive and also very easy to read at a single glance. 

Build Quality

Naturally, you want to choose a TDS meter with a good build quality. In other words, the device should be made of high quality materials and components to ensure a long lifespan and accurate readings. Stay away from cheaply built plastic readers and stick to the best TDS meters in India, which you can find on our list of reviews above. 

Pre-calibrated and Easy to Use

The best and easiest TDS meters to use are the pre-calibrated ones. These readers ensure higher accuracy with lesser chance of malfunction, as they come pre-calibrated since day one. Naturally, you might have to calibrate the meter again from time to time.


Measuring the level of total dissolved solids in water will let you know whether the water you are drinking fits the recommended standards. The total number of TDS in water should be with in the limits as set by the WHO or fit the National Standards, whereas the best recommended reading results are usually below 300ppm.

If your meter shows more than the recommended TDS limit in your water, consider switching to bottled water or installing a water water purifier system in your home. Either way, our guide and list of reviews will help you find the best TDS meter in India to ensure you are drinking clean and healthy water. We have included some of the best TDS brands in India so you can find one for home use with an acceptable price.

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