15 Best Study Tables in India (2020)

A study table is not only an essential part of your home, but it also has a lot to do about your career. From school to college or even after your graduation, it is one of the essential things that you require.

A perfect study table can be an ideal place for reading, writing as well as designing as it can help you to keep your things organized, stay focused and dedicated to your studies or work.

So, if you want to make your studies or work more productive, it’s important that you own the best study table that suits your needs.

Have a look at our best study tables in India that are carefully selected based on their design and various factors. We had also included some models of folding and wall mount tables to choose from.

Best Study Table Design
Study Table Design

Points to Remember while Purchasing a Study Table

Selecting a study table that is of the right size for your room and suitable for your tasks is necessary. Here are some of the tips to remember while purchasing a study table.

Study tables come in various shapes and sizes, so consider the free space of the room where you want to place and purchase accordingly.

Secondly, think about whether you need some storage space associated with a study table or not. If you are a student and require some storage for your books, stationery or files, then plan suitably.

If you were into designing, choose a table with a good tabletop area or working space. So that you can place your charts, worksheets, and stationery.

Also, note that the edges and sides of the study tables need to be smooth and doesn’t hurt you while working.

Another major thing to consider is the leg space or legroom, If the leg space is congested for a study table then you might not feel comfortable working long hours. So, try to select the one with enough leg space and without any obstructions near the legs.

It should have a sturdy design, another important factor that you need to keep in mind before buying a study table. A well-built table should withstand for longer usage and it should be able to bear minimal amounts of weights.

Matte finishing can give you an extra advantage over the glossy one, as it makes your table feel more natural and gives minimal reflection keeping you focused while working.  

Which Study Table Design to Choose

Study table with Storage Drawers

They are very simple in their design and are a classic model that suits everyone’s needs. The ample space for doing your work as well as the storage spaces makes it one of the best models to go. They come in various sizes, shapes, and materials.

Trestle Leg Tables (With no or minimal Storage)

These are very simple study tables with a great design that comes with a large desk surface. They suit best for students, writers, architects, and others who need more tabletop space.

If you are an architect or a student who needs more tabletop area, this type of model with a minimal storage drawer suits you the best.

Also, its trestle leg design doesn’t dominate a room and provides a great leg space.

Folding study table

These types of desks are very simple and convenient to use. Their folding design saves a lot of space and makes it easy to carry from one place to another and even outdoors.

But usually, they come with no or minimal storage and less tabletop surface to use. However, you can comfortably use a laptop, but it’s not a great option for multi-tasking.

Wall-Mounted Model

These foldable, stylish, wall-mounted study tables that save a lot of space in your room and can be used for a variety of purposes.

Although they come with a decent tabletop space, they don’t fit well if you are a student or regular user. Usually, they come without any storage space.

Best Study Tables in India available online

1. Terry Study Table

This model is one of the best study tables available online. All the credit goes to its awesome design that gives a great working space along with satisfying storage.

Its design is near to perfect and has a classy look and suits any room. The golden oak finishing along with its trestle legs brings a professional look to this desk.

This sturdy table has a great working area and is quite enough to work on a PC or a laptop, apart from writing or reading simultaneously.

Coming to the storage, there are two drawers that can easily handle your stationery and other materials. Also, the open pocket area provided is useful to keep important things handy. The finishing of the product is also smooth both in its sides and corners.

Legs are designed very well providing a good leg space, they are made up of steel and are powder coated.

Its excellent cable management system is an added benefit to this table.

Assembly: This table requires a carpenter assembly and will be provided by the seller. It is usually free.


  • Simple design and smooth finishing
  • Good working area and Leg space
  • Sturdiness and excellent cable management.


  • Less Storage

2. Ikea Micke Workstation Computer Desk

Ikea is one of the world’s largest furniture retailers that is known for its stylish and unique designs. This desk from Ikea is a multipurpose desk that can be used as a workstation or as a study table.

Coming to the design this desk is spacious and comes with excellent cable management. Its matte finishing is another feature that keeps you focused on your task.

The two storage drawers are handy and can satisfy most of your needs. The finishing of the sides and corners are smooth.

This Ikea Micke table comes in two colors white and black-brown and had enough space to conveniently fit two persons.

Also, a smaller model of this desk in both the colors (White, Black-brown) is also available if you wish to choose as per your requirements.

Assembly: You can assemble this desk on your own and may take around an hour to fully assemble.


  • Large tabletop space
  • Good storage and cable management
  • Nice design.


  • High Price

3. Deckup Giona Office Table and Study Desk

If you were looking for a table that can be used both for office and regular work. Then, Deckup Giona is one of the best study tables to choose from.

This desk has a spacious top that can easily accommodate a laptop and a 24-inch Monitor. Along with that, it offers good storage space with two shelves and a drawer for conveniently placing your books and stationery items.

This product is made from laminated engineered wood.

Although the table has a solid design it’s sturdiness is not up to the mark and wobbles a little. However, Deckup has done a good job by offering a decent build quality at such a price tag. 

The table looks awesome with its dark wenge color, giving it a classy look and Its matte finish is an added benefit.

Assembly: Although it can be assembled using the DIY manual, you might require a carpenter to do it.


  • Spacious design that can easily fit a laptop and a monitor
  • Decent price
  • Good Storage space


  • Less sturdy

4. Spacewood Winner Study Table

If you need a lot of storage for your books and files, the Spacewood winner study table can suit you the best as it comes with great storage space.

This table comes in Walnut Rigato color and is designed with good storage space by its three cabinets and some open shelves to keep the things organized.

The tabletop is adjustable, and the working space is a bit compact and may not provide enough working space if you want to do multitasking. However, it can be enough for writing or reading purposes.

The product is sturdy and made up of engineered wood, but the sides are not finished up to the mark.

Assembly: The Product may require a carpenter assembly.


  • Good Storage Space
  • Sturdiness


  • Compact Working Space, Poorly Finished Sides

5. Deckup Versa Office Table and Study Desk

Deckup Versa is another study desk cum office table that comes with an ample storage area yet providing a decent working space.

It has enough cabinets that can easily accommodate most of your academic books or files.

This nice-looking desk comes in two colors, dark wenge, and walnut to choose from, and both have a matte finish which gives less reflectiveness and keeps you more focused.

The desk is sturdy and is made up of engineered wood.

Although the product comes with a decent working space it may not be comfortable if you need a great space for multitasking.

Assembly: The product comes with instructions to assemble it yourself, but the installation can be difficult and may require a carpenter.


  • Good Storage Space
  • Solid and Sturdy
  • Matte Finish


  • Less working space
  • Less foot area

6. Bluewud Amalet Study Desk for Home & Office

This simple model from bluewud comes with a great working space that can hold your PC or laptop and to provide additional space for your work.

This table comes with a lockable drawer and two open shelves to store the stationery and other materials. The sturdiness and the quality of the product are ok, finishing is good and overall the desk has a very cool look.

Also, the leg space of this table is very good and makes you comfortable to work for long hours.

Assembly: Although the product can be assembled yourself, it may require a carpenter mainly while assembling the racks.


  • Great working Space
  • Decent look and finishing
  • Value for Money
  • Great leg space


  • Fewer storage spaces

7. Urban Ladder Eddings Study Table

The Eddings Study table from the Urban ladder is one of the finest and stylistically designed furniture that suits perfectly for a study room or a home office.

Unlike a conventionally designed model, Eddings study table brings a modern concept. At one end, you will find spacious storage drawers. On the other end, the table is left out freely standing on a nicely curved frame.

The tabletop is spacious to place most of your items and can withstand a good amount of weight. It is made from a good quality tempered glass. However, it may be prone to scratches. So, ensure to keep a desk pad on a safe side.

The item weighs around 26kg and is sturdy.

Assembly: – The product assembly is usually provided by the seller.


  • Stylistic and modern design
  • Spacious tabletop
  • God leg space
  • Enough storage racks
  • sturdy design


  • Little bit expensive

8. Deckup siena Office Table and Study Desk

Deckup has a wide range of furniture products available online with a good customer base in India and with excellent support and service.

The Siena model is one of the best choices to go for if you were planning to buy a small study table. Its unique and simple design makes it perfect for studying.

It also has a spacious design that can easily accommodate a laptop, books and other accessories.

With a small rack at the bottom and a drawer, you can easily manage to keep some books and other materials for your work.

Assembly type: – This product can be self-assembled by following the instructions provided.


  • Simple and spacious model
  • Sturdy design


  • Less storage space
  • Obstruction in the leg space due to the rack provided
  • Assembling the table may take some effort. 

9. Drifting Wood Study Table with Chair

If you were looking for a wooden study table that bags a classic look with the solid design then, the drifting wood model would be the one that you can opt for.

This table is made from Sheesham wood, a solid wood that is most popular after teak in India. This model also comes with a chair, a perfect combo and it blends nicely with the table design.

You get an ample storage space with this table. It has three storage drawers and one of them has a pulley design. The bottom of the drawers is made up of engineered wood.

The table weighs around 22 Kg and has a sturdy design. Coming to the tabletop space, it can easily accommodate enough space such that, you can work on your PC alongside your study material.

Overall the table has a great design giving ample storage and leg space.

Assembly: The assembly type is a do it yourself model


  • Classic look
  • Made up of Sheesham wood
  • Sturdy and solid design
  • Good Storage space and tabletop area
  • The model comes with a Chair


  • Drawers have minor issues this can be easily fixed by a technician.

10. Rootwood Sheesham Wooden Study Table

Coming with a solid and simple design, this wooden study table is present in two different sizes, a smaller one with an approximate length of 33 inches and a larger one measuring about 45 inches.

The table is also available in different colors like maple honey, provincial teak finishing, walnut, and warm chestnut color and is made using Sheesham wood.

Coming to the design, the sturdiness and quality of the table are good, and offers a spacious tabletop area.

If you need less tabletop space or to save some space of your room, depending upon your requirement you can choose between the two models, large or small ones.

The smaller table also comes with a storage cabinet to keep the important thing at a reach and the larger one with two cabinets. However, the cabinets are small and may not satisfy if you have greater storage requirements. Also, the leg space is really very comfortable.

Assembly: this table usually needs to be self-assembled and comes with assembly instructions and necessary things. But assembly may vary depending upon the variant.


  • Sturdy and solid-looking design
  • Good tabletop area
  • Comes in different sizes and colors to choose from
  • Good leg space


  • Minimal storage area
  • Finishing is not up to the mark

11. Ebee Store Multipurpose Table

This compact and cute table from Ebbe Store can be used for a variety of purposes, as a study table or as a laptop table, etc.

If you want the best study table in a foldable model for your reading or writing work and also the one that can fit in your room leaving you some extra space, you can consider this table as one of your choices.

But the tabletop space is small, so if you are a student who wants to keep a laptop and simultaneously write or read some materials, it may not be as comfortable.

Although the built-up material is good and sturdy, finishing of the sides is not up to the mark

This Multipurpose table is foldable and can be kept folding when not in use. Also, the table is lightweight and can be conveniently moved from one place to the other.

Assembly: This multipurpose table is usually delivered in a pre-assembled stage.


  • Suites well for small rooms
  • Saves Space
  • Foldable model


  • Not enough tabletop space.
  • Tables sides are poorly finished

12. Nilkamal Finley study table

Nilkamal is one of the top players in the field of furniture they have a wide range of collections and are known for their premium quality.
Their study table collection includes the products that were made from the best quality engineered wood at compelling prices.

Finley table has a sleek and simplistic design which makes it fit nicely in every part of the room.

By just looking at the table you may feel it is very light and not sturdy. But surprisingly, the product is solid and sturdy and doesn’t wobble much when you’re working.

 The tabletop is made from a good quality MDF wood which is lightweight and durable.


  • Simple design
  • Ample leg space
  • Easily movable


  • less tabletop area
  • Quite pricy

13. Royaloak Zara Study Desk

Royaloak is one of the finest furniture brands in India providing quality products with international standards. The Zara Study Desk by Royaloak is one of the attractive and affordable ones that are available online.

It has an elegant design and attractive wenge color that can bring a special look to your study room.

It comes with multiple open shelves that can easily accommodate books and stationery items at handy. In addition to a shelf with a shutter door.

Made from engineered wood the table weighs around 27 kg giving a solid and sturdy design

Coming to the tabletop space, it is not too big or too small and is good enough to accommodate a Laptop and an A4 book.

Overall this study table is a portable one that fits nicely for compact rooms and suits well for an individual.

Assembly: The product assembly requires a carpenter and is usually provided by the seller


  • Solid and attractive design
  • Smooth edges
  • Multiple shelves for storage
  • Compact design occupies less space


  • Not enough leg space
  • Less table-top space
  • Less height

14. Invisible bed wall mounted study table

Wall-mounted tables are now a trendy model that is a perfect choice for limited space and for multipurpose usage.

The Invisible Bed is one such brand offering some of the best wall-mounted study tables online.

This model is available in two colors Glossy white and Dark walnut. Both colors will easily blend in your room giving a trendy look. Especially, the White color model can also be used a scribble board and can be easily erasable

The table has a sleek design and offers a good tabletop area that can easily accommodate a laptop and two A4 books.

It is one of the best multipurpose table present online that can be used as a study desk or sometimes as a kitchen table.

When unfolded the table stands sturdy and can bear a good amount of weights thanks to its premium foldable brackets.

Assembly: This product may require a carpenter assembly


  • Tabletop is spacious
  • Multipurpose usage
  • Takes less space fits perfect for apartments
  • Overall Build quality is good


  • Not height adjustable
  • Need to be careful while folding due to heavy plank

15. Decornation Zane Wooden Study Table

This study table from Decor-Nation comes with a minimalist design providing a good tabletop space to keep your laptop and some other materials required.

This simple and sturdy table doesn’t take much space.

The tabletop is made up of MDF material, a type of engineered wood. The quality and finishing of the product are also nice.

It comes with a storage drawer to keep things at easy access. However, if you want more space to keep your academic books or any files it may not be comfortable.

The legs are designed well to leave the table stable and to provide enough leg space.

This table is available in three different colors White, Yellow and Pink to choose.

Assembly: The tabletop and the leg parts are usually preassembled separately and sent and they both need to be attached by the user.


  • Simple design that suits most of the rooms
  • Quality and Sturdiness
  • Good tabletop and foot area


  • Minimal storage space

How to Organise your Study Table

Try to keep your study table as clean as possible

Whenever you start working, try to just wipe away any dust or particles that got accumulated on the table. It not only helps in the hygiene but also keeps you away from any annoyed or upset feelings if present and gives you peace of mind.

Keep your Important things in cabinets

If you have important things that need to be frequently used like books or files, keep them handy in your storage drawers or cabinets such that you don’t get up every time you need a thing and to keep more focused.

Manage your cables

If you are using a PC or a laptop, sure you might be fed-up with the mess the cables create. So, try to organize the cables well. Use a plug box and if you have a long cable try it to wind it nicely if you have so many cables try to label them to which they belong to for easy identification.

Avoid any distracting objects

Staying focused is very important for achieving your goal. Try to avoid the objects that distract you like your phone or tablet or any gaming equipment. If you get distracted easily, keep the distracting things away from your desk and just before starting your work think a bit on your goal and decide in your heart that I will keep focused. It can help you.

Have a desk organizer

Try to get a multi-compartment desk organizer and organize thinks like pens, highlighter, pencils, stick notes, etc. though you can have them in your storage drawers, it is difficult to open every time you need them especially if you are a student or an architect. Also, they usually mess up the storage space when you open and close the drawers.

Lighting and ventilation

Place your study table in a room where you get adequate light and ventilation. If your room is in a closed environment try to have a desk light or table lamp to get enough lighting.

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