14 Best Hair Dryers in India 2020: From Top Rated Brands

With our fast paced urban lives and apartment culture, it became really impossible to dry the hair by standing outside the house and exposing our hair to sunlight as we use to do during our childhood. Although it’s the best option to opt for during weekends and holidays. It’s really difficult on a working day to do so. There comes the necessity of the best hair dryer. We just don’t want a hair dryer but the best one with good quality and functionality. That’s the reason why we had brought you the list of best hair dryers in India that can satisfy all your requirements.

Along with the list, we are also providing a complete buying guide and top hair dryer brands such that you can smartly pick the one that suits your needs.

Its really important to have a hair dryer these days as it is important to dry the hair before you go to your college or work as leaving your hair wet may lead to hair and scalp problems. so lets get started with the list.

Best Hair Dryer

List of Best Hair Dryers in India

1. Havells HD3151 1600W Cool Shot Hair Dryer

The Havells HD351 hair dryer series features an impressive 1600W rating that provides enough power for a gentle blow dry without expelling too much that risks leaving the hair extremely dry and brittle.

The hair dyer’s heat balance technology ensures a stable distribution of heat to provide smooth, shiny and bouncy hair. Also it has a honey comb inlet which is designed to avoid tangling of the hair. The hair dryer is also designed with a 3 temperature settings option that allows you to customize the heating process be it cool, warm, or hot.

The cool shot button fitted near the top of the dryer provides cool airflow and easy handling. The dryer is also designed with double protection that prevents overheating. Moreover the product comes with a two year warranty.


  • 1600W power rating
  • 3 temperature heat settings
  • Built-in concentrator with a fixed nozzle
  • Honeycomb inlet design


  • Highly efficient heat balance technology
  • It has three temperature options at warm, hot and cool that offers versatility
  • Cool shot button
  • Fitted storage hook


  • The air may gets little bit warmer even in cold air setting too.

2. Philips HP8120/00 Hair Dryer

The Phillips HP8120/00 hair dryer’s overall look is attractive in its own right.  Yet, this impressively powered product combines both its sleek look and high performance to delivers its best. Also its foldable and compact design will help you to easily carry especially while traveling.

Being one of the best hair dryers in india, it is built with a ThermoProtect temperature setting feature that offers optimal drying temperatureand protecting your hair from overheating.

Further to personalize, the dryer also comes with 3 pre-selected heat and speed settings. These features include cool, caring and quick drying. Its 1200W power will help you to gently dry your hair and the cool air setting is another great option for drying without causing any damage.


  • 1200W power rating
  • Triple pre-selected heat and speed settings
  • ThermoProtect temperature settings
  • Foldable handle


  • Very attractive finish
  • The foldable handle allows for portability
  • The ThermoProtect function effectively protects your hair


  • The power rating can be a little low to operate the higher speed settings

3. 1875W Ion Pro Stylist Dryer

Living up to the brand’s famed and high quality products and standards, the Revlon 1875W Ion Pro Stylist series will not disappoint you. The Ion Pro Stylist series combines cutting edge technology to deliver exceptional performance.

The ionic technology provides 30% more frizz fighting ions and expedites the hair drying process without allowing excessive hair moisture and oils from escaping the hair and scalp. To complement the ionic technology, the hair dryer features a ceramic coating.

The 3X more ceramic coating and disk that help to provide high and even heat for shinier and healthier looking hair.  The finger diffuser and concentrator attachments on the other end help to enhance the hair dryer’s performance. Also this product from revlon comes with a amazing power of 1875W to satisfy most of your needs.


  • 30% more effective ionic technology
  • 3X more ceramic coating technology
  • Removable end cap and filter
  • 3 heat/2 speed settings


  • Removable hand cap and filter allows easy cleaning
  • Cold shot button to seal hair cuticles and preventing frizz
  • The concentrator and finger diffuser helps to accelerate and balance the drying process


  • little expensive

4. Wahl 5439-024 Super Dry Professional Styling Hair Dryer

The Wahl 5439-024 Super Dry Professional Styling hair dryer is fabricated witha greater power of 2000W and improved control to tackle frizz while maintaining your hairstyle and shine. The hair dryer features interactive cool, warm, and dry settings thus, ensuring all your requirements are met.

The two interactive speed settings also give you a choice of hair drying mode, whether you want you to save time or dry your hair in a longer period but on a safer mode. It also contains a professional AC collector motor and latest tourmaline technology ensuring the best performance.

To complement the latter features, the hair dryer is designed with 3 different heat and 2 speed variation controls. This heat and speed variations range from cool shot to high heat high speed mode.  And masking the damaging elements of the high heat controls is the ionic technology, which generates negative ions to add an extra layer of anti-frizz protection to your hair.


  • 3 heat and 2 speed variation settings
  • Interactive cool and warm settings
  • 2000W
  • Comes with two proffesional nozzles and a diffuser attachment


  • Effectively high power rating
  • The speed and heat setting variations enhance the dryer’s versatility
  • Comes with extra drying attachments


  • Its a little big and heavier one

5. Remington D5000 Hair Dryer

If you are a frequent traveler then the Remington D5000 hair dryer is just what you need. It features a compact design enough to fit into most travel backpacks. Besides the compact size the dryer also provides impressing working power.  

With a power rating of 1800 watts, this hair dryer supports 120 to 240 voltage power output and provides superior heating power.

The hair dryer is also built with three heat settings and two speed options. So you can choose either the heat, fan or eco-friendly option, thus, giving you the freedom to choose how you want to style your hair. Also the product comes with two year limited maufacturers warranty.


  • 1800W power rating
  • 120 – 240 V output
  • Heat, fan and eco-friendly settings
  • 2-speed settings


  • Impressive lightweight design makes it easy to carry around and travel with
  • Powerful motor provides impressive performance
  • Compact design


  • The dryer doesn’t come with extra external attachments

6. VEGA Pro Touch 1800-2000 Hair Dryer (VHDP-02)

The VEGA Pro Touch hair dryer comes with two nozzles that vary in size for added versatility that which allow for heat regulation, targeted drying, and personalized styling. The larger nozzle provides a wide air outlet which covers more area which is suitable for long and thick hair. The medium-sized nozzle on the other end provides a smaller air outlet, making it ideal for working on fringes.

The high power rating at 1800 to 2000 watts offers effective heat expulsion for guaranteed performance. For added safety, the hair dryer is also built with an automatic overheat cut off feature.  Which effectively protects it from overheating. It also comes with a cool shot button.


  • 1800 -2000W power rating
  • Cool Shot button
  • Safety automatic overheat shut off
  • Large and medium nozzle attachments


  • The cord guard is thick and effectively protects the housed electrical cord
  • Overheat cut off feature efficiently shuts off the dryer during the onset of overheating
  • The two nozzle attachments are very useful for customized hairstyles


  • The products build quality is not up to the mark

7. ASPERIA 2000W Professional Stylish Hair Dryers For Women And Men

The ASPERIA Professional Stylist hair dryer boasts a high quality and powerful wind motor that delivers balanced hot air blowing.  The dryer also features an ergonomic sift handle grip that rests comfortably on your hands without causing strain or pain.

This hair dryer is ideally designed for use with both men and women whilst the featured concentrator attachment provides concentrated air blowing when needed. And depending on our drying and styling needs, this powerful unisex hair dryer operates at a high power rating of 2000 to 3000 wattage. The overheating protection feature is incorporated to ensure long lasting durability.


  • 2000 – 3000W power rating
  • 110 -240 V universal  output
  • Wind concentrator attachment
  • Overheating


  • Ingeniously designed hanging loop makes storage easier
  • Overheat cut off feature efficiently shuts off the dryer when required
  • Extremely affordable


  • Doesn’t come with a heat diffuser attachment or function

8. Singer Stylee HD03 Hair Dryer

The Singer Stylee HD03 hair dryer series features a foldable handle that makes storage easier for you especially during travel. With the 1600 watts power rating, it provides just the right amount of functionality for quick and covenant hair drying and styling.  Even with its simplistic design, the hair dryer still boasts a reliable overheat protector.

The overheat protector feature prevents damage on the occasion of high voltage output. The hair dryer is also fitted with 2 pre-selected heat settings and a cool shot for proper air blowing without completely draining moisture and hair oils. For added functionality, the Singer Stylee HD03 also comes with a rotatable large sized concentrator.


  • 1600W power rating
  • Rotatable concentrator attachment
  • Foldable handle design
  • Dual pre-selected heat setting with a cool shot


  • The rotating design of the concentrator offers improved accessibility
  • Foldable handle design
  • Universal voltage output
  • Fairly priced


  • Some times it blows out very hot air out which is not ideal for hair

9. Rozia HC8201 Professional Hair Dryer

The Rozia HC8201 hair dryer series boasts a powerful motor that works to the caliber of a professional stylist’s dryer. The powerful motor expels strong and consistent airflow, allowing it to tackle even the thickest and wavy hair and dry it no time.

The hair dryer is also built with an air filter that is extremely easy to use. Thus, you can easily remove it for a quick clean to ensure optimum operation at all times.

At the bottom, the hair dryer is molded with a thick plastic cord protector, thus, enhancing its durability. And on top of the cord protector is a hanging loop guard which allows for convenient storage anywhere. The also comes with two concentrator attachments of different sizes to allow you to work on different types of hairs.


  • 2 removable concentrator attachments
  • Removable air filter
  • 3-heat and 2-speed settings
  • Built-in hanging loop


  • Hanging loop for easier storage
  • Reinforced cord protector helps to preserve the dryer’s durability
  • The two concentrator attachments
  • Removable air filter makes cleaning easy


  • The hair dryer can be a little loud

10. Philips HP8100/46 Hair Dryer

The attractive purple finish of the Phillips HP8100/46 hairdryer makes every girl’s dream addition to their hair care products. The hair dryer also features a compact, lightweight and ergonomic design, which allows you to carry it anywhere.

The hair dryer is powered by a 1000W motor for gentle airflow for just the right drying effects. To complement the dryer’s gentle drying design, the ThermoProtect function is also added. The ThermoProtect settings offer optimum drying temperature whilst protecting your hair from overheating.

The two flexible speed settings also allow you to personalize your drying and style.  The hair dryer is also designed with a narrow concentrator where the air blows. The narrow design of the concentrator helps to focus the flow of air thus, allowing for precise styling and expedited drying.


  • 1000W power rating
  • ThermoProtect settings
  • Rubberized storage hook
  • 2 flexible speed settings


  • Attractive finish
  • Compact and lightweight design
  • The narrow concentrator design focus airflow and provides precise styling
  • Dual heat setting


  • The power rating maybe a little too low

11. Ikonic Pro 2500+ Hair Dryer

Combining great motor power rating, the Ikonic Pro 2500+ hair dryer delivers exceptional drying and styling performance for your hair. For added versatility, it comes with 4-heat settings and 2-speed settings, thus, combining the settings, gets you just the right amount of heat and airflow speed to work on your hair.

As part of the heat and speed settings, the cool shot is also added to set your hairstyle. And if you are one for tranquillity, then, the Ikonic Pro 2500+ hair dryer might just be what you need thanks to the superior mute function. The 2.8-meter long electric cord on the other end allows for easy accessibility and convenience.


  • 2200 – 2500W power rating
  • 4 heat and 2-speed settings
  • Muting function
  • 2.8-meter long electric cord


  • The hair dryer comes with 2 concentrator attachments
  • Ergonomic handle design provides added and comfortable grip
  • It comes with ionic technology


  • The high heat setting may be too hot and cause overheating

12. SYSKA Hair Dryer HD1610 with Cool and Hot Air

The SYSKA HD1610 hair dryer features a superior heat balance technology with low noise. The dryer’s heat balance technology is designed to prevent the concentration of hot air thus, enhancing even distribution of air blowing from the dryer. This technology provides effective, gentle and quick drying.

The big wind inlet of the dryer is designed to reduce air spirals thus, allowing for quiet and efficient drying. To further protect your hair, the SYSKA hair dryer also features an overheat protection function that prevents excess heat at all times.  The foldable handle design on the other end makes it packable and easy to carry it with you anywhere.


  • 1200W power rating
  • Narrow concentrator
  • Heat balance technology with low noise
  • Overheat protection


  • Operates with low noise even at higher speeds
  • The narrow concentrator allows for effective drying
  • Big air inlet grille to increase airflow
  • The shape and size of the dryer improves air outflow


  • The dryer doesn’t come with extra attachments

13. Panasonic 1000W Hair Dryer with Turbo Dry Mode

The Panasonic hair dryer is built with a compact and convenient portable size design that fits into most of your bags. The hair dryer is also built with a tangle-free 1.8-meter long electric cord. This long cord design makes it more accessible without having to pull at it. The ergonomic design makes it easier to handle and operate.

Also it is very lightweight making the latter functions a lot easier.  At the base of the hair dryer, a hanging notch is attached so you can easily hang the blender anywhere, whether on the wall hook in your bedroom or at your hotel bathroom during travel.


  • 1000W power rating
  • Turbo mode function
  • Dual heat settings
  • 1.8-meter electric cord


  • The turbo mode of the dryer enhanced speed of the dryer
  • The lightweight and ergonomic design of the dryer makes it very easy to handle
  • Comes in three bright colour options
  • Affordably priced


  • The long electric cord does not retract for easier storage

14. Havells HD3201 1500W Ionic Hair Dryer

The Havell HD3201 hair dryer’s exterior design is bound to catch your attention. This attractive dryer features a chic white and light blue housing. At the air blowing outlet, it is fitted with a fixed transparent nozzle with little flower details that helps to enhance its classy look whilst also maintain superior focus on airflow.  

This hair dryer brings with it impressive silent drying operation, thus, providing ear-friendly low noise operation. It is also designed with ionic care producing enough negative ions to neutralize dust and reduce frizz on your hair. The ionic care function also helps to improve the shine, smoothness and the health of your hair.


  • 1500W powerful drying
  • Ionic care construction
  • Heat balance technology
  • 1.6-meter electric cord


  • Extremely low noise
  • Attractive and classy finish
  • The built-in and fixed concentrator improves airflow ad detailed drying
  • Ionic care to help increase shine and smoothness


  • The hair dryer doesn’t come with detachable attachments

Best Hair Dryer Brands in India

When you are choosing a hair dryer to invest in, it’s always wise to go for a high quality one. However, it’s not always easy to identify one with high quality, especially when you are shopping online. Thus, the safest way is to go for trusted brands. Some of the best hair dryer brands in India are listed below.

  • Revlon: Ranked as one of the top companies in the world for beauty products and appliances, the brand has managed to remain as a contender in the beauty world due to the high quality and practicality in its products.
  • Phillips: A Dutch electronic brand, the Philips hair dryers reflects the company’s focus on cutting edge technology and unbeatable durability.
  • Remington: The Remington brand puts focus on the design and feature of its dryers to meet any woman’s needs. Placed in the mid-range market, the brand’s dryers bring both value and style.

Features to look at

When you are choosing a hair dryer, you should examine several features to ensure it is of good quality and functionality. Sure, not all hair dryers will possess the features you want. And remember the more features it offers, the more costly it will be. However, these are some basic features to consider before buying

Performance/ Power

To gauge the performance and motor power of your hair dryer, look at the power specification. Don’t get scared looking at the words performance, power, and so on. Its very simple The power is denoted by wattage, which for hand dryers ranges from 1000 to 3000 watts. The higher the wattage, the more performance the dryer possesses to produce hotter air, speed, etc.

Weight and Size

An ideal hair dryer must be light in weight and compact in size. This allows you to easily handle during the drying as well as to carry anywhere you want especially while traveling.

Heat/ Speed Control settings

Select the Hair dryers that are built with speed and heat settings along with any additional settings if required. Typically, hair dryers are designed with 2 speed and one heat setting, sometimes including a cool shot setting.

The cool shot setting blows cool air and is normally applied during the end of the styling process to set the hairstyle and cool your hair. Some products are built with more versatility offering more options.


A well-built motor makes your hair dryer to work more efficiently. It is one of the key things that determine the performance of your dryer.


Nozzles are the ones that decide the air flow coming out of the dryer. Some hair dryers come with fixed nozzles whilst others come with external nozzle attachments.

Coming to the selection It all depends on what you are looking for. A fixed nozzle is ok to satisfy most of the needs related to airflow.

However, External nozzle attachments on the other hand help to focus keen on the airflow and are very useful for stying your hair as per your needs. Mainly their sizing allows them to focus on different processes. For example, larger sized are used for long and thick hair whilst medium-sized ones are used for shorter or fringed hair.


Some hair dryers come with an external diffuser attachment. A diffuser attachment is useful because it helps to disperse air preventing frizz. A diffuser also helps to prevent the disruption of the natural wave pattern.

Materials used

Typically, the best hair dryer is built with a nichrome heating element on the inside. This nickel and chromium metal are highly corrosion-free and effective at heat conduction, allowing the dryer to expel consistent and effective heat for drying. The housing is normally moulded from plastic or metal for an ergonomic design, lightweight finish and heat repelling qualities.

Style and design

Manufacturers employ different styles and designs of hair dryers to make them more attractive without compromising their quality and performance. In general, you want your hand dryer to offer ample grip space. The pistol-shaped design of the dryers also helps to effectively blow the air.


The majority of hair dryers also come with a concentrator attachment.  A hair dryer concentrator is used to straighten and smoothen your hair to an extent. The concentrator does this by directing airflow, heat, and air pressure to your hair. For effectiveness, use a hair comb or brush when blowing your hair with the concentrator attached.


A ceramic coating on the grills of your hair dryer not only help for the durability of product but also help to even out the heat.


A good quality hair dryer also features special technology to enhance their function and efficiency. The overheat protection, for example, helps to protect our hair when the dryer overheats. Some models feature an automatic shut off during the onset of overheating.

Another useful technology is the ionic technology. This technology produces negative ions that flatten your hair cuticle and fights dirt and frizz, leaving your hair smooth and shinier.

Easy to use, travel friendly

A compact sized hair dryer is easy to use and travel friendly. When you are looking for such dryers, other features to look for is their handle and cord design. These include foldable handles and retractable cord mechanisms.

Cord length

You also want a longer cord to allow for convenience and accessibility, so you are not pulling at the cord when drying or styling your hair. Typically, a 1.5 to 2 meter long cord is ideal.


Always go for a hair dryer that comes with a warranty. A warranty gives a peace of mind in case your dryer is malfunctioning or if there are any defective parts. In general, most hair dryers come with a 1 or 2 years warranty.

Extra features

Hairdryers also come with other features to improve functionality.  A storage hook attached at the base of your dryer, for example, makes storage easier. Other features include a removable air filter for easier cleaning and a foldable handle for easier storage, just to name a few.

How to Use Hair Dryers Safely Without Affecting the Hair

If you blow too much heat on your hair, you risk damaging it. Therefore, when you are drying and styling your hair, you must employ safety precautions to prevent the hot air from damaging your hair. To do so, hold your hair dryer 6 inches away from your hair.

Begin drying from the back of your head working your way towards the sides then the front. You can begin with high speed and high heat setting when the hair is still very wet but use this setting briefly. Gradually, begin to reduce the heat as you dry to prevent over drying and heating, which may damage your hair.


Do hair dryers damage my hair?

If you use your hair dryer too much, this may lead to the damage if your hair. This is because blowing constant heat over dries the hair and scalp leaving no moisture or oils to nourish it. However, using the hair dryer safely as per precautions and not much frequently may don’t have any damaging effects on your hair.

Can I use a hair dryer daily?

No, it is good to avoid using your hair dryer every day.  This is because excessive heat will dry your scalp and hair cuticles. This may lead to breakage and damaged hair. If you still want to consistently use dryer due to your conditions, always apply a heat protecting serum. If you are not leaving your house, gently dry your hair with a towel and then let it dry out from natural air, which is always the best.

Does the use of hair dryers lead to an increase in hair loss?

No, using your hair dryer from time to time will not affect your hair. Additionally, even using it consistently may also not result in hair loss, but the excessive heat may lead to over drying and brittle hair.


Hair dryers are designed to cater to a wide range of needs hair needs like drying the hair quickly on a busy day and also saving time and money without having to visit a professional hairstylist to style your hair. Their special features will let you do your hair from the comfort of your home.

We hope our list of best hair dryers in India has provided a detailed outline of their functionality and which one to invest in.  Also, our detailed buying guide had provided you the information on what to look for when choosing the best hairdryer. If you have any questions related to hair dryers, feel free to comment below.

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