12 Must Need Bedroom Essentials For Your New Home

Do you feel like your bedroom is incomplete? Perhaps you are missing one of these bedroom essentials that will tie the place together and provides a comfortable environment for you. A bedroom should be a comfortable place where you can relax and enjoy the peaceful atmosphere.

It should not be cluttered or filled with unnecessary items. Instead of overfilling your bedroom with tons of random things, take a look at our bedroom essentials list that will help you get a better idea of what it is you need in this part of the household.

Bedroom essentials
Bedroom essentials

List of Bedroom Essentials

Here is a list of all the master bedroom essentials that every bedroom should have. If you are looking for ways to make your home feel more comfortable and relaxing while still maintaining the functionality of the space, this list will help you get the best out of your environment both in terms of storage and design.

Bed and Mattress

The most obvious piece of furniture you need in a master bedroom is the bed. This also the most important item, as it is not only the centerpiece of the room but also the surface that is supposed to provide comfort and relaxation. A master bed should be appropriately sized and feature a high quality mattress that will adapt to the shape of your body. Such that you will be able to get a good night’s sleep.


There are two kinds of pillows you need in a master bedroom: the sleeping pillows and the decorative pillows. As for the first category, make sure to choose a comfortable sleeping pillow that will adapt to your neck and keep your spine straight and comfortable during the night. Besides sleeping pillow, throw in a few decorative ones to tie the place together. A made-up bed with multiple decorative pillows on the top will look much better than an empty, plain bed with bedsheets. Speaking of sheets, choose high quality materials that will feel comfortable on the skin.


Rugs are an important part of the master bedroom interior design combination. The size of the rug should depend on the size of the room. If you don’t want a carpet to cover the floor from corner to corner, choose a mid-sized rug and place it in front of the bed. This will give the room a better appearance as rugs fit in with luxurious interior design styles. However, make sure to match the colors to other essentials in the room.


Consider getting curtains that match the color and the theme of the room. It is best to combine the curtains with the rug to provide a sense of consistency in the space. Besides their decorative purpose, the curtains prevent neighbors and curious individuals on the beside flats or street from taking a peek at your bedroom. With that in mind, they also add to the privacy of the entire household. 


Wardrobes are an absolute one of the bedroom essentials that are necessary for any master bedroom. They are the main storage units where you keep clothes and other personal items. The size of wardrobes you choose will depend on how much space you have available for this piece of furniture. If you need to save space, consider getting wardrobes with sliding doors instead of opening ones. This will allow you to place the unit in areas where there’s not much walking space.

Dressing Mirror or Dressing Table

Even though many people place their dressing mirrors in the hallway, it is a good idea to add one to your master bedroom. This will serve as a great decoration, as well as a convenient spot where you can check your outfit before proceeding with the day. There are several types of dressing mirrors available on the market. But, we recommend choosing wall-mounted mirrors for bedroom use or a simple dressing table.

Storage Drawers

Chances are the wardrobes won’t be enough for you to store all your smaller essentials. In that case, you can opt for storage drawers that fit in with the design of the room. There are thousands of storage drawer designs available on the market and you can even get custom made ones for your bedroom.


A master bedroom should have good lighting, including both natural and artificial light. Make sure there is plenty of natural light coming in through the windows during the day. At night, you should have artificial light available in the form of overhead light and a nightstand lamp for reading. 

Art or Décor Items

If you love art, the master bedroom is a great place to incorporate some artistic decor that will keep your spirits high. Even if you are not a big fan of paintings or similar types of art, you can consider adding some minimal decor items to brighten up space.

A Chair or a Mini Sofa

If the space in your bedroom allows it, consider adding a mini sofa or a chair to your list of bedroom essentials. This piece of furniture will provide an extra seating place, as well as tie the whole place together in terms of design. However, keep in mind that you should only add a chair or a mini sofa if there is enough room around it. Don’t add too many pieces of furniture in a small room because you will only end up cluttering the space.


If rugs are not your thing and you are not a big fan of hardwood flooring, consider setting up a room-sized carpet in your master bedroom. Carpets provide a soft and warm surface to walk on, as well as serve as a great decoration. If you match the carpet with the curtains and the bedding, you will end up having a nicely organized and impressive master bedroom. However, don’t forget that carpets come with a bit of extra hard work, as they require thorough cleaning and frequent vacuuming. You also have to be careful not to spill any food or beverages as those could cause irremovable stains.

Wall clock

Lastly, consider adding a wall clock to your master bedroom. Even if you don’t use wall clocks in your household, one would really bring the whole place together. The good thing about wall clocks is that they come in various designs and you can probably find thousands of them in local stores or online shops. Therefore, you can use wall clocks to complete your master bedroom design and you will also have one extra clock to tell the time when in a rush.

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